Women, Explore and Express!

Firstly a few lines about the movie NOBLE: AN INSPIRING STORY OF CHRISTINA NOBLE. The suffering that she had gone through in her life has been clearly depicted in this movie. She went through a series of struggles, starting from her childhood when she was orphaned, to her teenage when she was raped and to her adulthood when she had a failed marriage. You could see the LIGHT in her eyes that was kindled by the defeats that she had faced during her life time. She always believed that she was a fighter, a quality that she had inherited from her mother. What she believed is what she had transformed into –A STRONG WOMAN WITH COMPASSION. This movie gives you a thought to think: A thought on what our destiny could be and how we could explore it.


To know more about this movie visit http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2626090/  and the book “THE BRIDGE ACROSS MY SORROWS” to know more about her personal life.


                              We usually say that the road to success is filled with obstacles. To be more precise, it is vice versa. When a person comes across an obstacle, they tend to enter into an activity which not only gives them happiness but also a SENSE OF CONNECTION TO THEMSELVES. It can be any activity like dance, music, art, reading or it could even be cooking! (Why not?) Believing that there is a hidden talent in you is the first step to exploring. Find the spark that helps you explore. It could be something that relates to your personality. Figure it out and work on it.


                Exploring comes from experimenting. Enter into an activity that seems to be appealing to you. For instance, that activity could be something which you do when you are bored. You might not have given the importance to it, but take that activity and experiment yourself with it. You can feel the satisfaction and the connection if the talent is within you. Women usually restrict themselves from doing something new and they curb themselves within a bubble. Have the courage to explore the hidden talent in you.


Sometimes even the tough situations may appeal to you and you would master the art of controlling your emotions in your life, it’s a rollercoaster. You can find yourself an activity, to indulge into to soothe your tough situation. This can be your talent. Though it might be tough in the beginning, as the days pass by you can feel the passion in you. It’s not about survival, it’s about exploring yourself.


           Exploring and expressing are complementary. While exploring the talent, expression comes spontaneously. Here comes the tough part for women, EXPRESSING THEMSELVES! Women need to understand that it is not society or their friends or their family that make them less confident, but it is the thought that they have accepted to believe that they are being watched. A woman can only express her true self if she believes the fact that it is she who complicates even a single turn in the iris!


Confidence is an important trait of a woman. Express yourself in a way that you think that is innate and elegant. All women have elegance in their own way. When women explore elegance in them, they find the confidence in expression.


For women, the confidence, the elegance and the expressions are interlinked. Oui, vous êtes une femme élégante.


         Expressing your talent or your innate self can be challenging if you do not engage yourself and if you do not find the connection between your talent and you. You define your talent. Once you have achieved that strong bond with your passion, you can start experimenting by showcasing it. Expression can start from you. Express yourself in front of the mirror. See if that defines the real you. Stay in your comfort zone, till you gain the MOMENTUM OF EXPRESSING yourself in front of amasses. Once you get the momentum, experiment expressing yourself out of your comfort zone.


I was two years old when I started dancing. I could do styles like jazz and flamenco. It was my comfort zone then. At a point, I felt that I could add an extra spice in these styles. I was twelve when I decided to work on another form of dance- contemporary.  Contemporary was never my comfort zone and I still remember, me having a grin on my face and a stiff body like a robot. Then I started imposing my expression through my movements. I could feel my veins carrying my expressions. I was able to radiate and tell my story by touching the soul of the audience.


Slowly, I gained confidence and I also sought after the development of this style which resulted in BALLEMPORARY. So, this shows that sometimes it’s just a nod it takes to change and to opt out of your comfort zone.



Women can be anxious when they try to express themselves to strangers. Here is a tip: when you feel nervous when you are expressing, take a step back, take a deep breath and rethink on how you want to express yourself. Go with confidence and make sure to maintain eye contact. This makes the situation better.


               Expressing is not only about the words spoken by you but it also involves body language in it. Make sure that you don’t keep swinging your hands or bend and tap your feet because, this shows that you are nervous. Do not tense your back or do not look down while speaking, this makes the listener think that you are neither present nor interested. Expression can be in the form of speaking, writing, body language or even sexually in case of relationships. Speaking should be considered divine because the way of speaking differs from one individual to the other. Also, make sure that the topic on which you are speaking is right, and it is with the right person, at the right moment.


                  Explore who you are and what your personality is, but make sure that this does not limit your exploration. Explore and face the truth about yourself. Remember, there is an unavoidable negative part in all of us. It is you, who should decide about what you want to express and showcase. Do not limit yourself from exploring. Never restrain from your exploration. Express yourself with the talent in you because, you can’t fake your expressions when you are showcasing it through your talent.


Never get intimidated by people who you think are beautiful or smarter than you because, it will make you doubt your way of approaching. Also, never imitate a way of approaching that works for your friend. What works for them may not work for you. You must make a statement for yourself.


The statement that you make, especially when you speak does have an impact on the listener. When you imitate other’s way of approaching, it is easy for others to know that it is NOT THE TRUE YOU.


                All I’d like to say is that YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR LIFE. Explore the talent in you, embrace it and cherish it. Feel it in you and feel who you really are. Feel its connection with your real self. Build it strong and put into actions- EXPRESS. Express yourself in a way a beautiful poetry would. You can be inspiring, beautiful, and strong and you can also be a good fighter, if you trust in your passion and your elegance. Have confidence in what you do. Feel the strong bond. Experiment the different levels of expressing and develop it. Pursue the new way of expressing you. BELIEVE, EXPLORE, EXPRESS AND DEVELOP!


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