“I have my periods!” Say this out in a public place and you will be given a stink eye from at least 80% of people around you, most of this, women. Why is it that something as common as a menstrual cycle is kept hush-hush in a society where we boast about empowering women? Break the taboo, yes but how? Every time a woman steps forward to do something in our society, she is immediately ridiculed and pushed away. When a lady enters a room, she is immediately seen, not as a human being, but as a woman. Why is it that her sexuality matters more than her ideas and thoughts?

Idols of worship or objects of pleasure?

We live in a society where women are mostly seen as products and not as human beings. Official reports state that there are over 848 women who are either harassed, raped or killed after abduction every single day. Some are sold off to traffickers. We participate in protests, in rallies and show our support, but has there been any change in the way women are harassed? It has been four long years since the Delhi gang rape victim “Nirbhaya” passed away. And yes, we had protests, we had strikes, tears were shed, but was it not just a month ago, that a woman was molested in public in the streets of Bangalore with onlookers, but nobody dared to intervene?


We boast of living in a culturally diverse country where women are worshipped as Goddesses, but it is in this multi ethnic nation, that women are raped, murdered, harassed and abused! No matter how hard she tries to stand up for herself, she is almost always never given a chance! How can we try and stop these atrocities then?

Be the change

“Empowerment begins from within.” This was correctly said. Yes, there will be difficulties! Yes, there be countless number of factors making you want to give up! Yes, you almost just lost hope! But never lose heart! Women are being ridiculed, women are being harassed, but every woman needs to remember this: “Behind every successful woman is herself!”


I am not a very emotional person. I don’t cry a lot, but a recent short film, titled ‘Swashakthi’ was heat warming and towards the end, taught a very valuable lesson. Women are forced to do a lot of things against their desire, for the sake of society!


This short film portrayed the life of four women who decided to prove to the world that women were not be tread upon. They courageously stand up to various atrocities like dowry torture, sexual bribery, eve teasing and male dominance. These women show their valour at home and society to beautifully bring out the message, that it is in each one of us to stand up for ourselves and never lose hope! (https://youtu.be/noUiJ8JwOwQ)

Sexual abuse has become a very common term in today’s society. Every woman has either faced such a situation or has heard a such a tale from someone very close to her. Simple things like walking on the street, going for a jog, partying, working late, or simply enjoying with a group of girlfriends has become something that every woman has to think about twice before doing. When a woman walks quietly down the road, she does so with the fear of the two men following her, when she walks boldly after arguing and quarrelling with the pursuers, she walks with the fear of being abused sexually, when she lives with her in-laws, she lives with the fear of being harassed by them and the torture she has to face because she is tired but has to work like a dog until everyone at home is satisfied. Even after all this, she does not expect gratitude, but just a little peace of mind. Instead, what she receives is more criticism.

Conquer yourself

Even after all this discrimination, torture and harassment, there are so many women who have risen up to glory and success, breaking the many obstacles and hardships they had to face. The initial step to battling all this is conquering your own self. “The first step to conquering the world is conquering yourself.” It is only when each one of us actually understand this quote, we can look forward to developing the nation and the world. We want development, but we are not ready to support and educate one half of the society! What good can just one sock do without the pair?


There are women who have broken barriers, there are women who have achieved great heights and there are women who have boldly fought. Looking into their history, the one commonality that we can observe is their determination and perseverance to succeed. Society might have a lot of things to say about everything, but is it not the same society that rejoices when there is a successful achievement?

Fight for betterment


It is never too late for anything. Start today and fight for your rights! Don’t let someone else stop you from reaching your pinnacle of success. What matters is that you begin to believe in yourself! You might not have any kind of support, from family or friends, but you will always have yourself. Nobody can take away your thirst for knowledge or freedom, unless you want to give it up yourself! “Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means you have to stand alone!” Your life will get better when you realize that it is better to stand alone than to chase people who don’t care!


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