Robots with Human’s Heart

Emotions are the only reason that makes us humans. Emotional things could be hearing their names out loud when they were announcing the exam results. Another emotional thing could be hearing our child speak for the first time. While the former is about emotion of fear the latter is about emotion of happiness.

In psychology, emotion is often defined as a complex state of feeling that results in physical and psychological changes that influence thought and behaviour. Extroverted people more likely to socialize and express their emotions more freely whereas the Introvert people like to be alone and conceals their emotion.

There are two prominent theories of emotion by eminent scientists which explains about different emotions

Klaus Scherer, a specialist in psychology of emotion said that there are five crucial elements of emotion exist.They are explained as follows

  • Cognitive Appraisal: This component serves primarily to influence an evaluation of given situation, prompting us to become emotional in one way or another, or not at all.
  • Bodily Symptoms There will be changes in the body language like stiffness of muscles, twisting of fingers, movements of hands and legs, sweating, wrinkles on forehead, redness of eyes, erection of hairs on the skin, etc.
  • Action Tendencies: They stimulate nervous system and prompt widespread electrochemical activities.
  • Expression: We can identify emotion experienced by a person by looking at his face.
  • Feelings: They give rise to many physiological processes in the cardiovascular system and produce increased blood pressure, changes in sexual urge.

Although some theorist disagree with Klaus Scherer components of emotion where he relates Cognitive and Emotions are interconnected.

Plutchik’s wheel of emotions is an infograph that uses the color wheel to illustrate variations in human affect and the relationship among emotions explains that there are eight primary emotions and are grouped on positive or negative basis: joy versus sadness; anger versus fear; trust versus disgust; and surprise versus anticipation



Human Emotion

Research on building rapport with others shows that the humans show emotions to bond with another human .Since the survival of any species depends mainly on bonding with other species emotions serve the purpose.


Humans feelings and emotion is trigged by stimuli which can be internal(memory) or external(actions of others) and which can be seen in terms of physical signs such as rise in heart rate ,facial expressions, rise in the tone of the voice, perspiration, crying, laughing..etc .Humans learn to control and understand the emotions of oneself and of the others.


From crying babies to death bed adult emotions are same but their ways of expressing it varies. Emotions have become our acquaintance in day to day life. Many people tried to control emotions and the persons who control it we call them as sage or monk. Eventhough they lose the control over it sometimes

Emotions many times drag us down to the level of animals

-Swami Vivekananda

Machine Emotion

Machine learning has changed our views on Robotics. In the beginning of 20th Century scientist have developed robots to help humans in household things which was Vacuum Cleaner. Over the development of technology it has grown to control the functioning of whole house rather than just household activities. Moley Robotics have developed a robot which can cook over 2000 different meals


Scientist have succeeded in incorporating emotions in robots eventhough we haven’t mastered the control over it .They were developed with a purpose to satisfy the need of a person to understand them emotionally. It will understand and can identify over dozens of Human emotions spontaneously and in real-time which can be done by the nature of tone of voice, facial expressions, pulse rate..etc. They are mainly designed to assist people with special needs such as older people,autistic children or the disabled which can be in specific environment such as house or hospital. .Pepper from Aldebaran Robotics is a good example for it.It costs around 6 lakhs(emotions are costlier). These robot can take the form of a pet too.Paro,a robotic seal which was developed to comfort old people.Peoples get attached to it too.


These robots could be dangerous too.One unfortunate lady in South Korea lost her hair due to the robots ability to differentiate between a sleeping human from object.

Although the popular and controversial Turing test is used in AI to measure whether a machine is as intelligent as a human, it is a very different thing when it comes to robots, since robots are also expected to act intelligently. There is not yet a standardised test to determinate how human a robot is.These developments are the result of the people who are more used to technology .These robots are the future of Human-Robot Interaction



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