February, though the shortest month of the year is being jam packed with a hectic schedule. After a week of delight and enjoyment in Yugam17, the second years and third years are now stuck up with their internals.


Drop A Line:

During the hectic week, Ré members had organized a fun writing event. The first years were targeted for this event. The event ‘Drop a Line’ was organized on 13th February, 2017 (Monday). Twelve active buddies took part in the fun writing ride. The enthralling event had budding authors who expressed their creative ideas.


The event was filled with spontaneity. It brought out their instant thoughts and gave them an opportunity to express themselves. The event had two rounds. First round was an artistic round in which they were given three words and they have to wrap a story around those words. Participants were given ten minutes to come up with their imaginative stories and they narrated their stories themselves voluntarily. The next round was their views on a controversial topic. Overall, the event was ecstatic.



Ré is elated that the Second fund releasing ceremony is scheduled for the very next week on 21st February, 2017. Eight projects from the first intake and Seventeen projects from the second intake will be funded. The teams and their mentors will be present during the ceremony.


Living Chemical Sensors at your Fingertips!!

Hey I can sense you chemical!! You are a threat….You should be handled carefully.


A team of biologists and engineers at MIT have designed a new living sensor made up of a tough, stretchy, biocompatible sheet of hydrogel injected with live cells. These live cells are genetically modified in such a way that they light up in the presence of certain chemicals. This material can sense chemicals both in environment and human body.

The team fabricated wearable gloves made of this hydrogel infused living cells. Xuanhe Zhao, the Robert N. Noyce Career Development associate professor of mechanical engineering at MIT, says the sensor can be used in various purposes ranging from crime scene investigation and forensic science, to pollution monitoring and medical diagnostics.

Lu and his colleagues in MIT’s Synthetic Biology Group work on infusing life in materials. They perform this by genetically reprogramming the living cells like E.Coli to work together in sequence similar to an electrical circuit. They faced many challenges in making these living cells to survive in the device. To overcome these blocks, they have used hydrogel, which contains 95% water and provides a suitable environment for the living cell.


Testimonials from Ré Probation Team



“Ré probation has given me a glimpse of professional life. It has been an amazing experience of self-discovery as well as new friendships.”

– Michelle Francis, II year.



“The probation helped me turn over a new leaf. It did aid me in enhancing my strengths and converting my negatives into positives.”

– Hanu, I year.



“Ré probation made me think and act professionally. It taught me that I can’t escape responsibilities of tomorrow by evading it today.”

– Dinesh, I year.



“Working loads to laughing loads, Ré probation has been a splendid experience.”

– Deniella, I year.


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