Futuristic Kitchen- A Look Ahead into Technology

“The Kitchen is the workshop of every good housekeeper.”

The Internet of things has entered the kitchen space. Beyond the technology of connectivity, kitchen components are getting smarter and easier to maintain. Cooking has become simpler, thanks to innovations and the constant urge to improvise utilities. In an increasingly small world due to the technological advances, the possibility to explore exotic curiousness and learn about different technologies has improved many folds. We imagined a kitchen that would function automatically in terms of preparing food and cleaning up.


Excluding the old and including extremely new technologies has improved a lot in this 21st century. Want to start the dinner from the work place? Your oven can get into a roast mode by a voice command just clicking in an iPhone. If it’s going to be delayed, then the timer can be changed from the place of work. That technology is here already; with much more to come that makes the work easier. There is much technological equipment that has been brought into the kitchen. Some are yet to be introduced within few years and that will be completely working with the wi-fi connectivity that intimates us the freshness and nutritional information of our food.



Here is a simple technique to heat water to make tea or coffee. Just immerse a rod in a bowl of water and place it on an induction base. This rod helps to reheat the contents of the bowl.


Nowadays, the kitchen grows micro greens in a fantastic way to make up any dish or salad. This technique takes micro green seeds which sprouts in three days and maintains the temperature, making it inexpensive and always accessible. This technique can also be used for recycling the regular waste from the kitchen.





The smart fridge reads the Radio Frequency Identification of your food, to know the available commodities inside the fridge by displaying them on a screen. One can browse all the food items without opening the door.



This bio refrigerator is mounted on the wall, which does not have any motor like other fridges. Here the gel does all the work. To store the food items just insert the item that need to be preserved, the gel maintains the temperature till you take it out again. It doesn’t produce any kind of odor and stickiness.



Want to ensure the nutritional value of your food? Enter Nutrima. Just by placing the food on the smart pad one can know the exact reading of caloric value, possible toxins present in it and also to check the freshness.




The Prep Pad scale acts as your personal kitchen nutritionist keeping a track of your food-related health goals. Once you update the Countertop app with what your ingredient is, the graph springs to life, showing you the ingredient’s calorie count, and protein/fat/carb breakdown. As you build your meal, Countertop displays a “balance score” out of a possible 100, which is perfectly balanced to your goal ratio of carbs, fat, and protein.



Admit it — none of us can replicate what our baristas make us every morning at our favourite coffee spot. But just because we physically can’t, it doesn’t mean a machine can’t. This innovative coffee brewer will totally transform your morning, afternoon and evening caffeine or caffeine-free drinks, courtesy of its various smart functions.



If you wanted to eat better without all of the prep work, this future private chef machine is exactly what you’re looking for. With the Genie, all you have to do is to place an eco-friendly Genie Smart Baking Pod into the smart device, and voila — your meal is ready. Baking pods are made up of natural baking ingredients mixed with freeze-dried fruits and veggies with no added preservatives — and bonus, they have a shelf life of over a year.


Is there anything better than a piece of chocolate customized for you? Beautiful and delicious come together in Hershey’s new 3D chocolate printer, which will soon be printing customizable treats for you at home and when you’re out in town. To provide innovative sweets, Hershey’s food experts and its innovation team partnered with 3D Systems for its latest venture to make the most advanced 3D chocolate printer.



The Kitchen Nano-Garden by Hyundai does not appear to be on the market yet, but there is a buzz all over the internet about it, and for good reason! It is an incredibly clever design using a compact footprint of floor-space while utilizing hydroponics and built in lighting. It even include controls to alert you if the plants are too wet, too dry, or need some nutrients! It also functions as a natural air purifier to help freshen indoor air and remove unpleasant odors.


One of the most theoretical concept coming from The Whirlpool Global consumer design groups is the smart kitchen backsplash. For instance, it will let you know whether you’ve got enough time to cook the planned breakfast. The list of breakfast suggestions also appear based on the food items available in the fridge.




Various technologies are evolving in this century that changes the lifestyle of a homemaker, making the work easier and a time saving technique that is developing. With the advent of such technology and innovation, it is beyond doubt that the futuristic kitchen is going to add real value to our household and makes things simpler and save big time.


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