During probation period the employees are given diverse tasks such as socializing, self development and article writing to prove themselves to exhibits their individuality to fit in here. This will be a great opportunity for them to strengthen their weakness and they are being motivated by our Ré leads to overcome their weakness and they will be supported to enhance their strengths. They all are being supported by our team members to know about themselves and these tasks in the probation will be considered for them to get their position in Ré.



Books are uniquely portable magic.”

                                                             -Stephen king

Authors hold a foremost position in blogging where in their articles are being published in our page, Ré’s blog. In the meet a held on 25th January a discussion went on to know the next steps in blogging and the progress of the Magazine, which is our intent to release in few months.




“What we see mainly depends on what we look for”


Video perception was held on 3rd February for the probation students on “The Great Dictator” cast by Charlie Chaplin. This was mainly done to bring out the different thoughts and views of the members, in which they will be gaining diverse knowledge and also develop problem solving and managing skills. Here they got an idea to tackle the problem and look into it with different views and their priority also plays a major role in obtaining the solution.




On the spot topics were given to all the recruits related to the current affairs and other general notions and they were asked to speak about it for 2 minutes. Some of the topics were “1 rupee = 70 dollars” and “India and Donald Trump” and their presentations were really amazing and interesting from which others too gained some information about the current affairs and various topics in and around the world.

Every member in Ré is constantly striving to rediscover the new version of themselves in all aspects!


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