AIR ⇌ H2O?

Swwiiissshhhh! And we all would have watched a magician make a woman disappear and appear out of nowhere. There exists some slight technique that we are forced to believe at that moment and we do not think of how the trick could be possible and instead stay dumbfounded.

What if we could use this sly technique for a useful cause?

What if modern science can grab some idea from this method?

What if something can really appear from thin air?

Let us involve some Science into this and play with it!

Fontus Airo, a self filling water bottle is a small start-up, which has this vision and idea of capturing water from just thin air, inspired by the global crisis of water scarcity! Fontus, according to ancient Roman religion meant the “God of wells and springs”. So as aptly named, this life saving device would be of utmost help when one is in places of water unavailability or scarcity or even on an adventure trek where you’ll have to wait to spot a river or some nearby location for water.


This amongst many is one of Hashem Al-Ghaili’s ideas who is a Biotechnology researcher. His most prominent work is on Infographics which are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.


The water gets filled up as easily as when one’s idle or busy camping, trekking or even sailing. There wouldn’t be havoc for the next water filling spot to be located as the process of getting your water bottle filled is as easy as breathing. Compact, comfortable and small design of this Fontus Airo makes it advantageous in lot many ways of it being user-friendly, light and even as an alternative energy source as the solar panel, a component of the water bottle can be used to charge your phones as well.


The simple mechanism behind obtaining water from air is by the basic method of condensation of air. The moisture contented in the surrounding air is condensed to give water and store it readily. The mechanism involved is, a small fan draws air from outside and the surrounding environment. This then enters a special filter and is passed on to condensation chambers where it is pressed. The moisture is then made to condense on special surfaces. The liquid obtained then drops into the bottle at a slow pace and accumulates over time and can store up to a capacity of 0.8 litres.

This solar-powered device consists of a condensator that is connected to a series of hydrophobic surfaces that repel water. The condensation of water occurs mainly because they’re hydrophobic and they immediately repel the condensed water that is created, so a drop flow into the bottle can be obtained. The basic conversion of vapour to liquid is employed here.

To look into mineralization of the water being collected, the lower section of the bottle is designed to carry small capsules which when dissolved in the accumulated water leads to a process of re-mineralization. Fresh mineral water essential for the body thus can be produced by this process.


This device, Fontus Airo will be available in the market for around rupees 7000-14000. Fontus can produce around 0.5 litres of water in 1 hour, with temperatures between 86 degrees and 104 degrees Fahrenheit (30 to 40 degrees Celsius) and between 80 percent and 90 percent humidity as well. The main notion and necessity is the need of clean air which has not been contaminated with pollutants, however the contaminants can be purified with the help of the filter in the bottle. Areas with high humidity and less water resources can make good use of this product.




Listed in the table are the suitable conditions for accumulation of water with respect to time, humidity and various other factors. This device will give one the freedom to plan an adventure without worrying about the most elemental and fundamental component of survival: water supply! Easy to carry, less to worry about water scarcity and time to have some fun!


Get set and ready for an adventure trek with your very own Fontus Airo soon!

Do check out this video to watch thin air turn into water within minutes!

Such technological advancement in a world which is suffering from many environmental issues and lack of energy and supply, loss of lives and war for such basic resources, would be a tremendous leap in the field of Science.

Ready to generate water for yourself? Ready to squeeze out water from air? Fontus Airo will save you trouble, weight and might even save your life!


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