Time travel- a fantasy dreamt by everyone as a child; to travel back in time and undo the mistakes that we made or to move forward to see how great we would be doing in life. These are dreams that we kill as we grow up, as we start fitting ourselves into this world, as we grow ‘mature’, as we set to normal standards. We don’t try and think beyond what is told to us. We don’t question, we simply accept it as universal facts. As a kid if you speak about your desire of time travelling to elders, you will be told “don’t live in a fantasy world” or “it’s not possible, dear.” What if we were told so because it was a long lost art like many others? What if it had been forbidden because of its misuse? What if we didn’t bother to notice this as a unique technique or art as it was common before and here we are trying to retrace our paths back to where we started? Pondering over the possibilities, here we are, with a theoretical concept in hand – “wormhole”.



Wormhole, also referred to as Einstein – Rosen Bridge, is a tunnel which connects two different space times with either of its openings on either sides to traverse in a short period of time. They may connect points that are millions or billions of light years apart, or shorter distances like two universe, one solar system to another or even a few kilometers. They are not bound to or restricted by the laws of general relativity and speed of light. For a simple understanding take a 2D plane (say paper) and consider 2 points on it to be linked by a wormhole. Take a pencil and assume it to be the wormhole; pierce on one side and come out through the other point with the pencil. So here you have your wormhole which saves up the travelling time and energy. This is what happens in space except that it is in 3 dimension.


But the hinge here is that, the wormhole itself, is only about a billionth or a trillionth of a centimeter in size and the walls of it are extremely unstable. When it comes to size, we have to get to the origin of wormholes. Practically there are crevasses and wrinkles even on a smooth surface when viewed closely. This does not apply to 2 dimension and 3 dimension alone but also to the 4th dimension, time. Yes, wrinkles and crevasses can be viewed in time as well but these are extremely minute; smaller than molecules and even atoms. This exists in a place known as the quantum foam. This is where wormholes originate. They appear and collapse constantly. Many scientists believe that such wormholes can be captured from space and they can be enlarged many trillions of times for it to be made traversable by man and even a spaceship.


The walls attract itself and thus shrinks in size and collapses. So when you enter a wormhole your primary concern would be to prevent it from shrinking at least till you reach the other side, else it will reduce you to practically, nothing. This could be done by filling the space inside the wormhole with a negative energy which would stabilize the walls and nullify the gravity existing in it. The energy present within the established wormhole must first be removed to achieve a state of vacuum and then further energy removal is required to get the space in it to be filled with negative energy. The next question would be if we will be able to achieve the required amount of negative energy. Now, that is not quite possible as when you have zero balance, the bank allows you to take some extra money but does not give you enormous amounts as debts. The same goes with the universe, as it allows you to excise only some amount of energy and not to the extent needed for complete stabilization of the walls.


For time travel, both the ends of the wormhole are in the same place; they are not separated by distance but are by time. This can help one to travel ahead of time or backwards based on the direction of travel. When one travels forward, they are taken ahead of time and when travelled backwards, are taken into the past. Scientists like Stephen Hawking and many other physicists are putting in their effort to make space and time travel possible to bring out a better future ahead for us. One such attempt had led to the creation of a wormhole in the lab based on magnetic forces instead of gravity. Manipulation of magnetic force is a well-known phenomenon to us than with gravity. Based on its results, research is being carried forward to create a wormhole based on gravity with new approaches.



What if this is not a newly brought up concept? What if it was well-known for our ancestors? Let’s travel back to the age of Lord Ram, The Kishkinda Kanda. When the vanaras, along with the mighty Hanuman and other royal blood were in search of Sita in the south, came across a cave in Vindhya Range, Madhya Pradesh, India, as stated by Valmiki in his Ramayana. It is explained by Valmiki that they saw ‘swans’ (as he would call it) coming out of a hole and were dripping in water. The thirsty vanaras were taken into the cave to quench their thirst where Hanuman and others met Swayamprabha, who appeared from the dark and was pleased to know that the visitors were on a mission to find Sita under Lord Ram’s orders. She agreed to help them move out of the caves and find Sita. Valmiki explains that they were asked to close their eyes as the feat she was going to perform required it. In no time, the convoy of a few were brought to a sea shore whose description matches with the description of Lanka that comes in the following chapters of the Ramayana written by Valmiki.

Were they the first to travel through a wormhole that was created instantaneously by a woman? Are we pondering over something that was so easily being done by our forefathers? What could have happened in the meanwhile for us to have lost this technique so miserably?



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