Here’s to new beginnings…

How would it be if there’s a chance to revive your life? Relive your life!

How would it be if you could wake up some day and find yourself alive in the next decade?

As quoted by Osho,

“The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death.”

Immaterial about the confusion of life before or after death, we now have a chance for regenerating and resuscitating life. Yes! It has been proven possible.

Diseases emerging are innumerable in the present day and some of them do not have a cure or proper treatment. This requires advancement in the medical field for such upcoming diseases and infections. The cure may be identified or research and studies can be done to obtain solutions that may be a cure to a disease after months or even years later. The people suffering from such incurable diseases cannot survive until the cure is found. In such cases, the idea of Cryonics can be employed. This procedure of cryonics was founded by Robert Ettinger and Jerry Leaf.


Cryonics is nothing but, as the name suggests, storage at very low temperatures. The procedure involves preserving bodies at ultra cold temperatures and reviving them when a suitable cure has been identified or when an effective solution has evolved through research or even when the technology becomes available to restore good health. Though it sounds like Science fiction, this turns to be Modern Science.


The Dewar as shown in the image can contain 4 human bodies and 6 brains immersed in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius. The Dewar is an insulated container which consumes no electric power. Liquid nitrogen is added periodically to replace the small amount that evaporates from the Dewar.


Alcor Life Extension Foundation, American Cryonics Society, Cryonics Association of Australia, CryoCare Foundation, Cryonics Institute, Cryonics Society of Canada, CryoSpan, International Cryonics Foundation and Trans Time are some institutions and organizations that help in cryopreservation. The most prominent among all of the mentioned organizations is the Alcor Life Extension Foundation that’s been in operation since 1972.


Cryonics or cryopreservation is done to patients who have been declared legally dead, i.e., a qualified authority has stated that further care or revival is not appropriate after determining that heart beat and breathing have ceased. After which, all procedure of cryonics can be carried forward ideally within few minutes of declaration of legal death. It involves storage of the bodies in chemicals like cryoprotectants which prevents ice formation which will lead to decrease in viability of the cells and tissues. This process of not freezing tissues and disallowing ice formation is called vitrification.


Vitrification protects the tissues and preserves its nature and is preferred over freezing and structural maintenance. It’s a process of rapid cooling and high cryoprotectants concentration. Organs, skin, embryos, blood cells, blood vessels and many other tissues can be vitrified and revived similar to the image of a rabbit kidney which is stable when vitrified.



Depending on the advancement of technology and medicine, the patients can be revived which may range from few centuries to decades or even months based on the development of the medical field. It’s amusing to know that one may mostly not revive their memory and may not even see their friends and family someday. Ageing, memory loss, new atmosphere, new world, would all be a different birth again on the very same earth.


One would wonder if the soul would depart upon death! Legal death doesn’t symbolize the loss of the soul. A cardiac arrest doesn’t mean a state of death. If revival or resuscitation is possible, then the soul is not lost yet. The soul would be lost once when the memory is erased, the personality is lost or forgotten and by no means is resuscitation possible by any technological development.

As of 2011, U.S. cryopreservation costs can range from $28,000 to $200,000, and are often financed via life insurance that equals approximately to around INR 18, 00,000 to INR 1, 30, 00,000. Cryonics has already been put into action and around 149 patients have been cryopreserved at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. The first ever human cryopreservation was performed at Alcor on July 16th, 1976 in the state of California. Among the cryopreserved the notable persons are James Bedford, Dick Clair, L. Stephen Coles (in 2014), Thomas K. Donaldson, FM-2030, Hal Finney (in 2014), Jerry Leaf, John-Henry Williams, and Ted Williams.

This process of revival of life, though proceeded against the laws of nature of mortality of life, does have some good in the long run. Such advantageous procedure has to be utilized efficiently and for a good cause by avoiding misuse of this technological advancement by the human race.

Life is a onetime offer.

“It’s not about being the best; it’s about being better than you were yesterday.”

Every new beginning has an end and so does life, but it can be revived using technology.


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