Hello 2017 !

First things first – the Ré family would like to extend our New Year greetings to all of you.

We hope that this year, the Universe shows us only its kind and benevolent side wherein its only desire is for us to understand, integrate, and live through the concepts of unconditional love, awareness, acceptance, and unlimited abundance. Before we raise up the blinds to a fresh start and a brighter future this new year, we’d like to take a few minutes to sit down, reflect and raise a toast to our journey and achievements during the year 2016.

Ré was born in the year 2016 with the objective of this research forum being – swearing by the idea of ‘lateral thinking’, and exploring the unexplored, not bounded by discipline. In retrospect of our timeline, we conducted a diverse set of events over the year 2016 that helped all the attendees broaden their horizons in multiple aspects.


Ré has seen a wonderful transformation in the research culture of KCT. The students have turned out in multitudes in wanting to solve the world’s problems by sending in project proposals. In 2016 there were two intakes for projects. One was in June and the other was November. June intake saw 56 proposalssubmitted out of which 40 were reviewed out of which 13 projects were funded. November intake saw 27 projects submitted out of which, 22 were reviewed. An estimate of 20 new projects will be funded in the 3rd week of January. This is 33 student projects, initiated by the students, supported and funded by Ré !




The first event on the roster took place on the 25th of April, 2016 and was titled ‘Reform KCT’. This inaugural event of the Research and Exploration Forum aimed at encouraging participants to uproot problems that existed in the environment they interacted with on a daily basis, along with a viable solution.

Following ‘Reform KCT’, Ré ventured into the discipline of Automotive Technology, wherein, in tandem with the Garage, KCT, constructive discussions and deliberations pertaining to this field took place. The event titled, ‘Garage Talks With Re’, happened on July the 5th, 2016. Ré organised another event soon after, on the 19th of July, called ‘Re in iQube’, where the forum took to the MBA Lecture Hall to have a session on analysing the problems that can hold back technological advancements from flourishing.

On the 21st of July, Re scheduled an interactive session, titled ‘Brainwriting with Re’. In this event cum exercise, participants were asked to come up with and write down a solution to a given question or problem. Following which, the piece of paper was relayed across the venue, aiming at triggering the attendees to break away all the shackles on their linear thought process and to think beyond.

September the 15th marked the iconic ‘Engineer’s Day’, which we simply had to commemorate. ‘Redefine’, was a creative ideation session, wherein participants were asked to take up an electronic product, chart out its history, it’s status-quo and also its future. Here, participants needed to strike the balance right between their creative juices and technical insights, and by doing so, predicting how the product would perform in the years to come.

On the 21st of September, another ideation session took place, by the name‘Resolve’. And as the name suggests, participants came together to break down and discuss issues and to also come up with solutions for the same. Only this time, the issues discussed were taken straight out of a daily newspaper.

The next event on our roster was probably the first of its kind, conducted solely with the motive of drawing attention to this modern and lucrative field, being Fibro Science. This event, held on the 14th of October, exclusively for the students of Textile and Fashion Technology, saw students coming in teams of two, to battle it out by answering all the questions they were quizzed on.

Visuals are by far the most impactful medium to convey a message or tell a story. Keeping this in mind, on the 22nd of October, Re-screened the documentary film titled, ‘The Inconvenient Truth’, which follows Al Gore, a former presidential candidate, who unlike ‘certain other candidates’, was able to fathom the looming danger of global warming, and called for immediate action to lessen the destructive effects on the environment.

The last event of 2016 was the ‘Art of Searching’, which was held on 28th December 2016. Students learnt 6 techniques of searching for information and experimented them by searching for articles related to research and innovation in 3 months of newspapers.

Thus, we think we can rightly say that from the day of the inception of this forum till today, we religiously stood by our objective of tuning and fostering our thought processes to achieve the extraordinary.

And with that, the curtains drew to a close on the Research and Exploration Forum at KCT, for the year 2016. We saw nine solid sessions of remarkable pro-activeness, distilled inspiration and enthusiasm and an abundance of knowledge imparted from one to the other. And now as 2017 heralds an advent of new beginnings and bold adventures, we hope to step forward into a better tomorrow, armed with the knowledge this year gave us.

To peace, prosperity and progress.

Happy New Year !


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