Keep your mind open to opportunities. They are closer than you think.

It’s that time of the year for Ré to pick out and select the new members, the new recruits, the new employers for the new year that Ré is stepping into. The family is getting bigger, the circles are getting wider. Take this next step. Take the step towards gaining a work experience. Take the step to gain recognition. Take up this opportunity to learn and explore.


Collect your SOP application forms from Ré and submit it by the 21st of December and await a positive reply from us! It sure is going to be a journey to experience and remember.


Ré is glad to have one of its members, Nishanth of the Marketing team of the 3rd year from the Aeronautical department win accolades at VIT and NIT. Along with his fellow mate, they were declared winners of the event, “HOW THINGS WORK” for their presentation on “Four Wheel Drive Mechanism” at VIT out of 50 teams from all over South India. Identifying the mechanism within a short span of 30 seconds and satisfying the judges with their answers made them clear winners of the event.


At NIT, along with his classmate, they won the “TECHNICAL IDEATION CONTEST”. Going through different rounds, having their skills and talents tested, they proved their excellence. Spot preparation on the topic “Engineering Solutions To Resolve Transportation Bottlenecks In Metro Cities” with technical cognizance, they emerged winners of this event from amongst 80 teams.

Ré is extremely glad and pleased to have such talent as a team member. We convey our greetings and congratulations to Nishanth as well as his classmates who helped him win the events.


Riding a bike also has some habits and rules to be followed. A sneak peek into the exploration circle on Bike Riding gives an insight into their discussion about the joy of rides, especially long rides!


While riding it’s all about respecting the road and your bike. Every time you’re on the road for a ride you should treat yourself as a new rider. Over speeding is always risky be it any highway. Before you hit the road, get to know the present condition of your bike, the brakes lights, tyres and fuel obviously. If you are someone who loves going on long rides, certified riding gears are mandatory. Never underestimate the other drivers. Getting to know the mentality of the other drivers helps you choose when to overtake and when to not. While riding in a group, a small discussion before you start will be of great help. Allow the slow riders to lead and the experienced people to follow behind because the new ones if left behind tend to over speed to catch up.


As said, bike riding is fun when you respect the road and your bike.

Work can also be made fun, and yes, Ré has proved that as well. With the trending mannequin challenge all around, the team members of Ré also took up this exciting, fun-filled challenge in its very own workspace at KCT.

To have a look at our challenge, do visit the link!

Ré is all geared up to welcome its new team with excitement!


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