“Dghtgyfhgh”-can any of you guess what this means? The basic nature of we human beings is to ignore all the facts which we don’t seem to understand. Right from the smallest reason we don’t take time in connecting the dots to find where it actually takes us. But once we learn the small things of this very nature, it will take the human lives to the very next level which can’t be imagined. This topic, “THE GOD’S AGE” would have wondered many of you guys what am I going to explain about. I have no doubt that this is going to take you guys to a small walk-through of the facts that you wouldn’t have heard of. The more you educate yourselves, the more you understand where things come from, you will understand that all you have come through is nothing but a stated lie. You have to know the truth and seek the truth and the truth will set you free.

“They must find it difficult….

Those who have taken authority as truth

Rather than

Truth as the authority”


The early civilizations did not just follow the star signs but they personified each and every constellation with a figure which represents their beliefs. The sun with its life giving and life saving qualities was personified as the representative of the unseen creator otherwise called “THE GOD” or “THE SAVIOR OF HUMAN KIND”. Likewise the twelve constellations represented the place of travel for the God’s son.


This is “HORUS”, the Sun God of Egypt around 3000 BC. From the ancient hieroglyphics we come to know that he ruled Egypt for about hundreds of years. Horus means “light” and so he also had an enemy called “Set” which in Egyptian language means “dark” or “evil”. Metaphorically speaking, every morning, Horus would win the battle against Set and later it would be “Set’s” time. It is very important to know that dark versus light or good versus evil is one of the biggest mythological dualities that we see.


All we know is that there are more than hundreds of religion in this world and around thousand gods and goddesses are being worshiped. Has anyone noticed the fact that all these religions and the gods worshiped share a big coincidence? The following facts are going to blow your minds and make you wonder, “how is this even possible?”

The above images are the facts of some gods worshiped over different times but all share the common details during their birth. There are many other gods of different religion who share these common details. This also includes Jesus Christ. All the gods from the above picture were born of a virgin accompanied by three stars in the east and were crucified and were resurrected after 3 days exactly. How is this even possible, to share these facts even with a time difference of over 2150 years? The fact is that there are numerous savior’s from different period who are subscribed to these general characters. The question is why these attributes? Why the virgin birth on December 25th? Why are they dead and resurrected after 3 days? For the answer let’s examine the resent discovery on the solar science.

As I told you that Christ also shares the common birth details as like the other gods, the birth sequence is completely astrological. The star in the east signifies “Sirius” which is also the brightest star in the sky, on 24th December aligns with 3 other stars in the Orion’s belt and are called today what they were called in ancient times – “THE THREE KINGS”. These stars point in the direction of the sun rise on December 25th which as told represents the birth of the sun or the god. The virgin Mary is nothing but the constellation “Virgo”. Virgo was also referred to as the house of bread and in fact Bethlehem literally translates to “house of bread” which represents the place in the sky and not on earth. There is another important phenomenon occurring on December 25th. From the summer time to winter time the days become shorter and colder. From the perspective of the northern hemisphere the sun gets to move towards south and gets scarce. This phenomenon of sun becoming smaller and days becoming cold represented death in ancient days. And by December 22nd the sun’s demise was fully realized.

This is when a magical phenomenon occurs. The sun which has been moving towards south for 6 months finally stops at least perceivable for three days. And then, the sun on December 25th moves 1 degree and this time it moves north.

And as it moves upwards it represents a constellation called the “Southern Cross”. And thus it is said, the Sun died on the cross and dead for three days and then resurrected again. This is why numerous gods along with Jesus Christ shared the crucifixion, death and resurrection after three days.


The ancient Egyptian cultures and other cultures before them recognized that approximately every 2150 years that the sunrise in the morning of Spring Equinox would occur on a different sign in the zodiac. The time taken for a complete cycle to go through all the signs takes approximately 26,000 years.This is also called as “THE GREAT YEAR”. The ancient civilizations were aware of this and hence they referred every 2150 years as an “AGE”.

The following cycles show that the signs in the zodiac is different for every 2150 years. Thus in each age numerous savior’s were born as I have told you earlier. The age of Taurus represents the “golden bull” and Aries represents “mosses” and Pisces represents “Jesus Christ” as he performed miracles with fishes as he served thousands with fishes and bread. As the cycle signifies the next age that we are going to enter is the age of “AQUARIUS”. This has also been told centuries ago as mentioned in the Bible.


In the above words, “bearing a pitcher of water” is none other than the Aquarius.


I’m sure that this above article would have made you guys wonder that each and every religion and gods share a major part of their own aspect. And now we are kindled and are curious about who is going to be our new savior in the upcoming age, but it doesn’t matter because mankind has evolved from a single cell to what we are now. The religions are nothing but a small tool to direct us towards the right path and to make sure the wrong doings will be paid off as time rolls by. But what is to be remembered forever is


Just make sure the actions which we do are right so that peace can be nurtured and prospered forever. And let our future generation be at peace to welcome our new savior.


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  1. This article is very much interesting since it deals with something which can’t be proved. The article has a theory but to decipher what? most of these gods didn’t create a religion except for some rules.But there are few flaws with the facts given.
    1) If Krishna was the 8th child and how could he be born to a virgin.
    2) The periods mentioned for various god’s existence are not precise as still research is going on regarding the period of mahabharatha. If the 900bc Krishna’s existence is a doubt then how come horus and others could be believed.
    People believed gods but religions were not framed by gods but by people. Where differentiation is spotted there began seclusion, grouping and finally enmities. This has nothing to do with god but with the struggle for power and control that took the name of God at times to implement this. Religion can never reform man until we understand the real meaning of religion. No religion was based on bad things except that we could not follow it and changed it in favor of our misdeeds. A better understanding is needed to know the real reason and the fault behind the problems we face.


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