The second week of November with Modi’s strike against black money and Donald trump’s triumph as the US- President sent shock waves around the world. Have a look at our newsletter to know this week’s happenings in Ré.

Winter intake:


Ré has started collecting project proposals for the winter intake.  We are still expecting more proposals from the students. Once the proposals are submitted, zeroth review for these projects will be scheduled. The projects will be scrutinized by a panel. In case if student’s miss our winter intake then they will have to wait till the summer intake. No proposal will be collected in between the winter and summer intakes. Reviews will be conducted only on the scheduled dates.

Recruitment process:

We are eagerly waiting for next set of recruits to join our tribe. The SOP to be filled will be circulated from December 22nd on wards. Any UG student who wishes to be a part of Re can step into our recruitment process. All you have to do is fill in our SOP genuinely and move into the next phase, where each candidate would be personally interviewed by our panel.

Recruitment Process

Views on the ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes by the government:


The Modi government has made its big move against black money by making the present Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes illegal from Nov 9th onwards. The move will have a massive impact on the black money and counterfeiting ecosystem. Initially there will be heavy deflation as people who have earned money through illegal means such as smuggling and corruption would be afraid to declare the money as they might be prosecuted by Government or Income Tax Department on the legitimacy of their income.

Even though this decision helps to curb black money it has turned out to be a nightmare for the poor and the middle class. Hordes of people are thronging banks and ATMs to deposit the invalid money and withdraw lower denominations to run their lives. The queues are getting longer and people are waiting for hours in front of the banks to get their currency exchanged.


Despite the government’s loud promises, banks and ATMs are quickly running out of cash. Supporters of the move say Indians will suffer some short-term disruption to make a dent in the shadow economy, but the question is why an honest taxpayer and the poor should suffer the most?


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