According to my parents, childhood was all about eating mud and playing hide-and-seek. And to me it has always been about flying self-built kites, Barbie dolls and building blocks.  But today childhood has a different notion even to the young parents. It’s all about downloading the latest game on the App store and climbing the score ladder.

This doesn’t seem totally absurd as we ourselves are acquainted with such things, but if looked into carefully it’s only after entering the adolescence did we join this mad frenzy.

How is it even possible for a mere 3 year old kid to deal with photo shopping and instagramming?


The immediate answer that most of us would give is the technological advancement spree that the world is into. This could partly be true, as this gives the child the exposure needed to gain knowledge in that field

It might also seem reasonable for us to say that change is inevitable and up-gradation along with this positive evolution is natural. People have been upgrading themselves into their best version right from the dawn of the earth. And this phenomenon is convincing on its part.

Even Darwin-One of the great naturalists of all times points this out to us as the following:

He tells us, as generations evolve the character obtained by the child would have been modified in a way that is better adapted to suit its environment. This is a normal phenomenon that has been happening right from the start. And to suit today’s world the kids are obtaining the required traits that are techie in its essence. To add on to this, this cannot happen all by itself. It indeed requires a trigger called a mutagen to induce the change. This can be anything ranging from emotional stresses to radiation and physical obligations to massive lifestyle change.


So if everything is so natural, what is the need for us to talk about it now?

But there’s more to this story than what the eye meets!

If looked into keenly there is something that has been so well cooked up and presented to us that we have conveniently bought it and even take pride in it time to time.

Consider this for instance:

The evolution of man from his hunting days to the present civilization has taken place over quite a long time. But this current evolutionary change is happening rapidly- over a few decades to be precise, and nothing about this natural. It is all manipulated and made to look so.

James Flynn, a professor who has made extensive study on this has said this is due to The Flynn effect. The Flynn effect is the substantial and long-sustained increase in IQ test scores measured in many parts of the world from roughly 1930 to the present day. Scientists have been noting a gradual increase in the IQ levels of humans over each passing decade. The increase had been very minimal though (a few points ~4) in the bygone years. But today there has been a sharp rise in their IQ levels.


There always has to be some reason behind such unnatural happenings and this made me question the lifestyle of youngsters and young couples of today. We are so dependent and absorbed by these technological and AI stuff that we have no time left to pause and analyse the effect it has on our system.

What if these technological advancements had been the source of these mutagens?

What if the virtual stimulus from these had served as the trigger?

What if the social media had been a tool for causing these unnatural events to occur, by the people ruling us from somewhere far?

What if we are the puppets moulded to suit their purpose by some nameless entity by controlling our thinking pattern through these social platforms and celebrity icons?

If the answer for the above questions is a YES, then we are in grave danger, because, evolution is supposed to be a natural and a steady phenomenon. This unnatural thing could create an imbalance in the nature’s equilibrium and for record; even porridge tastes best when cooked on low flame for the right amount of time.

Finally, we might just be witnessing the greatest manipulated evolution of all times that history has ever seen and in no time we might very well be called the extinct species of evolution by the puppets who wouldn’t know they’re being manipulated by the ones afar.

But for now, one thing is clear……..we are a part of an interesting history in making. So cheers to that!!!



  1. Loved the way you have thought.adding to this do some research on the world’s biggest firms and banks and the education system we follow.this has a very deep rooted relationship with your article.


    1. Hey thanks for the review firstly! And yeah it’s true what you are trying to tell in here. I’ll work on it and maybe improvise this one sooner!


  2. The article is good and I loved the what ifs. What if this wasn’t the fault of the social media and instead it was the fault of the education system. The root which taught us to find and question has been changed to loose our curiosity and ability to question. Author take this into consideration and reanalyze your thoughts on this content.


  3. Stephen Hawkings in more than one of his talks has discussed about AI being a threat to mankind. It will not be long before it’s too late. AI may have conquered us so much so that we would end up being unable to take our decisions using our own indigenous minds.


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