November 1st Week News


For all you young Abdul Kalams and Einsteins out there, here is a prospect for you to bring out the best in you. The winter intakes for project funding is on. We welcome students to give in their ideas in the form of project proposals to us at Ré by 15th November, 2016. Soon after the submission of the proposals, the feasibility of the project will be assessed and for feasible projects slots will be allotted for the students to present their ideas to a panel of 5-7 members pertaining to their field. Based on the comments from the panel, the projects will be selected for funding. So let your imaginations go wild and your mind ponder over all the resources you can make use of to give in your best in this shot.



Having passed almost a year, Ré is opening up for new, aspiring recruits for supporting Ré in its future endeavors. The recruitment process consists of two phases. In the first phase, an SOP (Statement of Purpose) has to be written, which will be circulated by us to the students who are interested in being a part of the Ré family. The submitted SOPs will be scrutinized and applicants will be short listed based on their SOP. The second phase will be a personal interview where each selected applicant will be cross-examined and analyzed by a panel of 4-7 members.

No opportunity knocks your door twice. So hurry up, pick up your SOP and begin drafting them to see what Re has in store for you.



We already have 11 ongoing projects in Ré for which the first review will be conducted in November 1st week. This is the first set of projects that Ré has initiated its due purpose with and is eagerly waiting to visually see and witness its first success.



Delhi, our capital city, has been certified as the most polluted city in India. People throughout the city is suffering from respiratory ailments due to the prevalent air pollution in the capital city. Recently, the dust particles in the air have risen up remarkably due to the burning of crop stubble in the nearby states. The air in Delhi is currently filled with dust particles, gases and smoke causing a lot of suffering for the people living in the city. All schools have been closed for three days and serious discussions are being held even now as you read this article to bring down the level of pollution and pollutants in Delhi. Being a major city and with so many people moving in and out of the city the odd and even car scheme is being planned to be implemented again. The roads are being watered frequently, no construction and demolition works are being carried out, all diesel generators are banned except the ones used by emergency services like hospitals and signal towers, coal power plants are shut down without any shortage in the power supplied to the city. Ecologists are planning to induce artificial rain by cloud seeding method to settle the dust particles.

Office bearers in Delhi are struggling to bring the situation back under control. Is it necessary for us to push ourselves to such an extent where we begin acting only when situations go out of control? Isn’t it the duty of every individual to take care of our surroundings, our environment and our country? Instead of rising up to the occasion let’s make it a point to never reach a situation wherein we put ourselves and mother nature at stake.



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