Telling others about our plans and goals can stop us from accomplishing them. It is not a myth but studies have confirmed it. Keeping quiet may help us achieve our goals. We may think that it is good networking to tell people about our upcoming projects but the answer is a no. Tests prove that people who talk about their goals to others are less likely to succeed in them. There is a simple logic behind this fact. Announcing our plans and goals to others satisfies our self identity and hence we are less motivated to do hard work.


It is found that if a person tells the solution to a problem or announces his goals then this becomes a social reality in our brain even if the solution hadn’t actually been achieved. Once we tell out our goals then it gives us a premature sense of completeness. Unfortunately this satisfaction tricks our brain into thinking that the job is already done.


Actions and talk creates symbols in our brain. Talking satisfies the brain enough that it neglects the pursuit of further symbols. When we feel closer to having achieved our goals, we may feel less of a need to actually enact those behaviours. Apart from this psychological fact, we have other reasons too. At times telling our goals to others can increase pressure in a negative way, which may not be helpful when the goal is something that requires us to remain calm and composed. Another reason is that people can end up judging our actions through that lens. Moreover we won’t run the risk of letting anyone’s opinion get in our way by keeping our goals to ourselves.  Others’ reaction when our goals are told to them also plays an important role. If they are less enthused and excited about our ideas then it would be deflating and demotivating for us to pursue that goal.


So instead of telling our plans and goals as a satisfaction, let us tell it as dissatisfaction so that we would work towards that goal. For example instead of telling our friend that the project work is almost done, we could tell that there are only few more days to submit the project so that we would further work on that project and complete it. This psychological fact can vary from one and another. If this would really lead us to success then we can adopt the same.


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