The world’s technological development and evergreen science has lead to many complicated machinery to do our work with ease. It is ironical that to make our work simpler many should strive hard in designing a complex unit initially. Do you know the world’s complicated machine ever? Is it a rocket? A missile? A super fast computer? Or the world class technology that we are addicted to? No it is the human body. To be more precise it is the human brain.


Brain is the most delicate part of our system. It is made of neurons and surprisingly it is the fattest organ of the human body. It consists of about 60% of fat. There are approximately about hundred billion neurons in our human brain. They are the integrated circuits of the human brain. They shoot out signals to the brain from other parts at the speed of 270 miles per hours which is the fastest stuff alive. There are more than a billion far-fetched stuffs that the brain can perform which makes you dumbstruck.

        How do our internal organs or the involuntary organs work? Are you commanding your blood to flow with some calculated amount of pressure that keeps you alive? Or are you asking your heart to beat 72 times a minute? No… Even if we don’t think about it, they perform their duty pretty well. Now who is the master here? What is doing these 6 trillion things to your 60 trillion cells every second? Yes it is our brain. Our brain has many centers for each operation to be done hands down. It is like a teacher to which all the other organs report their duty. People tell that we don’t use much of our brain which is completely absurd. Our brain is the most active part. It always stays awake even if we don’t. Every single portion of the brain actually works by sending chemical signals through neurons.


We know that the brain is the command setter of the central nervous system in which 86 main nerves branch from. Do you know which is the only part that doesn’t have a nerve? It’s our brain indeed and so the brain cannot feel a bit of pain for the pain receptors are nothing more than the nerves themselves. This makes the brain surgery be done when the patient is still in his senses. Brain is just the part that makes us recognize that some part has undergone pain and such.

Our brain can sense even before the things actually happen. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous?? Yet it is the fact. People say trust your first instinct. It is only because of this stunning psychic ability of our brain. We react and respond a few seconds prior to the things that happen. Imagine somebody is coming behind you. We do feel somebody’s presence even before they call or touch us, don’t we? How is that even possible for us to recognize that someone is behind us? It is because of our subconscious mind. We have the boon to sense the presence of somebody behind. The subconscious mind can do wonders. If we think of a particular person very deeply we can actually feel their current situation. This may be related to parents sensing about the stress and pain faced by their children even while miles apart. It is a kind of meditation which is a very powerful tonic for our brain. Sometimes we feel terrible once we wake up. It may be a symptom of something unexpected to happen.


Have you ever enjoyed gossiping?? Do you know that gossiping even when made for fun cannot be made without hurting yourselves?? Yes. It is a live fact. In order to gossip we hold a negative thought or negative memory in our mind. We do share those negative thoughts. This leads to a change in the biochemistry of our brain. It is in this phase that our brain secretes a hormone called cortisol. It is a stress hormone. So while gossiping we invite problems to ourselves.

An average human is found to have about 70 thousand thoughts a day. They may also include the regrets of the past and future panics. Neuroscience has discovered that meditation for 8 weeks can actually impart a drastic improvement in the behavioral pattern of the human brain. They tend to have lesser anxiety, sharper memory, more energy and can withstand pain. As the muscles grow on exercising, brain do change physically. This is referred to as neuroplasticity. Once we follow a practice regularly the brain automatically changes its path to increase its efficiency and so “practice makes man perfect.”


A brain with such tremendous abilities surprisingly cannot distinguish between reality and imagination. It is bit hard to understand this. Our brain thinks that the thought we process is also actually happening. So the thoughts that we process have a deep impact on the functioning of our brain thus our lives. For example, if we get a really terrifying nightmare, our heart beat increases at high speed. Why is it so?? It is because our brain thinks that we actually have undergone such a situation. This may be considered as a power or a bad luck. It depends on how we take it. A positive thinker can conquer the world while negative thoughts demolish them. Neuroscience has proved that one can improve their practice say sports even by sitting and concentrating on the thought carefully while resting.

The placebo effect is a virtual reality. The new English journal of medicine has published research conducted between two groups of people having the same genetic knee disorder. One group was actually operated in the knees whereas the other group was given a fake surgery with the permission of the family. The results were unbelievable. Both the group showed positive signs. This is the power of the thoughts. It is in all we believe. There is also an effect called the nocebo effect which the people aren’t aware of. This is practically the opposite of the placebo effect. Due to this effect we are likely to draw random illnesses to ourselves. About 2-4% we choose for things to happen whereas 96-98% we don’t choose things to happen. We do certain things out of nobody’s compulsion. They occur on their own accord. These are recorded deep inside our subconscious system and we cannot uproot them on the whole. Whatever we think deeply about in our subconscious mind we are attracted towards it. For example, what happens when we get a new car? We do notice the same brand car moving past us for about a week’s time. It is not that they weren’t there before we got one. It is that we got attracted to it in our deep inner thoughts.


Have you seen people sobbing; is it all because of their situation? This isn’t true. There is nothing a situation can cause. Basically there is no situation that puts us in anxiety. It is our response to the situation that kills us. Once when one understands this, he realizes that he is the master of his emotions and not the situation anymore.

         This astonishing nature is the magical gift of God. Happiness and grief is in how we handle things. Be a positive thinker. Your brain is your creator. Be the master of our own life.





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