Dreams are fascinating ones for all age groups. Each one of us have experienced it. Dreams are some transformations and combinations of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occurs involuntarily in our mind during our stages of sleep. Dreams make things come true, those things that are impossible in practical life is found to be possible in our dreams and that gives us temporary happiness. Some dreams, we only experience it during our sleep and when we wake up, we are totally blank and don’t remember anything. This is because our brain does not make memories of certain parts of our dreams.

Oneirology is the study about dreams and dream interpretation, to analyse the meaning of the dream.

“Dream is a wish that is made by your heart”.

Wondering about how dreams occur?
Here is the explanation of how it comes!


The dreams occur due to the REM that is actually the Rapid Eye Movement that occurs during our sleep. The eye movement tells us that are brain is partially at sleep mode. Our mind usually materializes the facts that actually happened around us and brings out the product as dream. The dreams can be classified under two categories

Authentic dreaming:

Authentic dreams are dreams which have tendency to occur and reflect actual memories or experiences that the dreamer can compare to. These are believed to be the side effects of any past events. Research suggests that the brain stimulation that occurs in reinforcing neurological pathways, is a method in which the mind can “rehearse” certain things during sleep.

Illusory dreaming:

These dreams contain impossible, incongruent, or bizarre contents as the dreams are hypothesized from memory circuits containing efficacy errors. In theory, old memories in multiple times throughout one’s lifetime result in accumulating errors that results as illusory dreams when stimulated. The qualities of these dreams have been usually observed in mental disorders. Illusory dreams are believed to most likely come from older memories with bad experiences and these accumulation of errors in dreams is found to be more in contrast to authentic dreams that comes from more recent experience.

Thus illusory dreams are more often found than the authentic dreams and hence we hear out people stating that they had a bad dream.

Dreams are experienced mostly by their way of thinking. Always think optimistic, to experience mind blowing dreams.

Have you ever thought of how do blinds dream?

Normal people like us usually dream about stuffs and stories that are highly influenced by our visual contact. Visual contact plays a major role in illuminating dreams. Our visual memory is always found to be in higher percentage in contrast to other feelings like touch, smell, listening and so on.
When compared to blind persons, you might be wondering whether they too have dreams. The answer is yes they also experience dreams, but their dreams contains more of sensational stuffs and those are of four types hearing, touch, smell and taste. Their degree of dreaming is in high grade when compared to people like us. Thus they too have dreams, the only difference is found in the way we feel about the scenario around each one of us.

Is dreaming good or bad???

According to French researchers all people dream in their sleep. So dreams are inevitable ones and hence it lies in our hands to make them good or bad. To make it positive always stay free of stress and never go to bed when you are in an angry state.
Always have the habit of going to bed early and avoid using your mobile gadgets till the very end of your sleep.


After reading this blog you must be clear about your dreams and hence I conclude by wishing you pleasant and mind blowing dreams!


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