“Loneliness is the ultimate poverty.”

Loneliness is a state of unpleasant emotion which leads to isolate oneself from the society. It is a composed of all emotions which include anxiety and fear of losing someone. Loneliness is a risk factor for premature death. Due to loneliness, people become vulnerable which affects physical and mental health.

Causes of loneliness:

  • Living alone
  • Being alone
  • Isolation

All These factors are prevalent in society among people in relationships, families, etc.

Living alone:

Elder people are more prone to loneliness, depression and other mental problems, when they live alone. Loneliness isn’t just sad, it’s dangerous. Recent research says that nearly 3,500 men and women of ages between 30 and 65 use anti depression drugs.


Being alone:

Spending time by being alone leads to risks and even suicide. It is due to depression and a strong emotion. Over 90% of the people have committed suicide because they are under depression and loneliness. The scientific explanation is that it is due to the neuron transmitter serotonin, where individuals commit suicide due to reduced level of serotonin in the brain & cerebrospinal fluid.



Isolated people have high blood pressure and they are likely to develop the Alzheimer’s disease. The ventral striatum shows more activity in non-lonely people than lonely people. The ventral striatum acts as a functional part of the reward system and a dysfunction in the ventral striatum leads to a disorder of depression.


Nature of lonely people:

They always fear of being judged as a loser. They don’t interact with people and also they don’t feel comfortable. Even with thousands of people around they still feel they are left alone in an island. They find it difficult to adjust or adapt to a new environment. Lonely people always possess a feeling of negativity in their mind and feel like they haven’t been accepted by the world.

Effects of loneliness:

  • Loneliness leads to increase in stress hormone & blood pressure which in turn causes lack of circulation to the heart muscle to make it harder and also causes blood vessel damage.
  • Lonely people wake up more at night.
  • It also leads to heath issues like cancer and increased inflammation.
  • Increased risk of depression and anxiety leads to mental health disorders.
  • Loneliness also leads to a loss of appetite.
  • Inherited feeling of being hopeless.
  • Increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Loneliness also leads to drug addiction.

Remedies to overcome loneliness:

Loneliness can be controlled by cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive therapy is nothing but a psychotherapy which is done to treat mental disorders, depression, mood swings, etc. Having a pet also feels like a stress buster, keeping busy with work, speaking to yourself, listening to music helps people relieve stress, watching a movie, dancing until one is tired, drinking coffee or tea which gives a relaxed feeling, reading self motivating quotes, becoming one’s own best friend are some self help tips to avoid loneliness and keep oneself going.

Loneliness is hence not a disease but a feeling of negativity to be eliminated from one’s mind and life.


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