“How to get Free Internet Everywhere?”

Spoiler Alert: This article doesn’t deal with any methods of getting free internet instead it focuses on Internet Addiction.

Internet has become a part of lifestyle for everyone. It is difficult to see a single person without a smartphone and without internet. With the internet, it has replaced our modes of communication from letters to messages and messages to e-mails, social networking and so on. In many of the cases it has made our task easier but also it slowly makes us addicts .Recently a Telecom Company has offered 4G internet for free for specific months. The main motive of the company was to make internet affordable to all but it has made many people spend time more on the Internet.


Most Pathetic condition is that kids of the ages between 8 and 18 now spend an average of 10 hours and 45 minutes a day, seven days a week with media which accounts  nearly twice as many hours as their parents put into full-time jobs according to research published by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Internet has made it difficult in spending some quality time with our family and friends. Internet addiction drains the life out of us. Similar to other addictions, those suffering from internet addiction use the virtual unrealistic world to connect with real people through the Internet which they are unable to achieve.


Identifying the persons with Internet Addiction:

The constant urge of looking into the notification bar, when you post a new profile picture in facebook. Is that a kind of addiction. Just think it over.

Let me give you a simple set of things to find one really internet obsessed person. Maybe you know one. The person will show mental depression, restlessness, anger , anxiety when he has no internet connectivity. The one who looks out for free Wifi instead of going for a game and logs into social media and posts “feeling bored “ or “feeling sad” as the status. They will sacrifice their most important sleep time for the sake of being online.

  • The person will sacrifices needed hours of sleep to spend time online.
  • Loses interest in activities that were enjoyable before he or she had online access.
  • Prefers to spend time online rather than with friends or family.

Let’s think where we stand, are we the same person after using these tech. How much time do we spend over the internet when we feel bored? Is it really helpful in overcoming the boredom, if yes, then for how long?

Are you stressed by all the social media activities ?

If the answer is YES, maybe you are one among the many.


How to Overcome the addiction:

The first thing is to “Turn OFF” notifications relating to social media. Set a timer for online activities. Develop new hobbies rather than asking google how to get rid of boredom. Read books, maybe you just don’t know you may like reading or not. Spending quality time with friends and family. Think of previous generation, how they lived a less stressed life than us.  Go out for a walk when you feel the urge to use the internet. Take up some responsibilities, you will then have your day occupied.

The best way is to be morally alive.

If not, ask google “how to overcome internet addiction”, maybe he might help you.

Better join a rehabilitation centre if you are unable to follow the above!!!



Though the Internet has been addictive for some people but still it continues to benefit the people in one or more ways possible without making them addicts. It depends upon people’s perception whether they use it as a boon or a curse, just like everything else in this world. As long as we don’t say “No” to internet, it is bad for us.


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