We have watched Antz, a bug’s Life etc., movies that are inspired by the life of ants. As these movies portray, indeed their life seems to be interesting. There are more than 12,000 species of ants around the world and it is recorded that globally about 50 tonnes of soil is what they move per annum. It is said that the total weight of ants in the world actually equals the total weight of all humans in the world. Ants can lift weights 100 times their own. Now let’s reconsider our thought about our home invaders. If we consider a single ant, they just weigh 1 to 5 mg and are the strongest in relation to its size. They are impactful creatures indeed. The biggest ant colony that was recorded in past times is about 4000 miles. The fire ants especially have made a notable destruction around world.


Ants are those who are frustrating when they are uninvited guests of our house. But when it comes to seeking inspiration for team work and leadership qualities, ants are the best. Humans need quality, motivation, efficiency, productivity and standardization in work as a concern to team work. Ants don’t ever consider all these but work naturally. Each worker is the leader for himself. They work in the field they are good at and give out their best. Their colony doesn’t have supervisors and managers but everyone is considered important and they policy is right ant at right work. Each one focuses more on the needs of the colony than their own needs. Ants don’t have expectations but do their own job to perfection. They are never idle and as they become old their work gets switched over to another depending on priority. They are good navigators and thus reaching food resources seemed to be easy.


Ants are not always smart enough to inspire humans but teach great lessons. Humans and ants are the two species that farm another animal for their own benefits. Researchers have found that some species of ant don’t like each other, yet they motivate themselves and work together for co-existence. Have you ever heard of ‘ant in a circle’? They hesitate to come out of a circle drawn around them. Humans have stage fear and hesitation in the form of that circle around them which if they overcome will lead to their destination. Have you ever collapsed a queue of ants? They just go out of the stable work routine and they lose their pathway. Thus, we must avoid factors that collapse our team spirit and ways to overcome such situations must be examined and sorted. The ant colony fights with another colony and yes, ants are enemies for themselves and compete with each other for survival. Their colony’s complex and variable social structures have made ants the ideal model organisms.


The behavior of ants is greatly affected by the size of the next, but the queen’s presence wasn’t consistently an important factor. Safari ants (genus Dorylus) have large pincers which the Maasai, a Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania use as sutures by having the ant bite the wound and then snapping off the body.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology did an analysis of ant colonies that could improve network algorithms by exploring networks that yield better algorithms for network communication. Researchers studied that ants investigate their population-density and estimate on the frequency with which they literally bump into other ants while randomly exploring their environments. This is supported by a theoretical paper showing that observations from random exploration of the environment converge very quickly on an accurate estimate of population density. Ants are extremely good at estimating the concentration of other ants in their vicinity. This ability apparently helps in decision making for several communal activities, particularly in the voting procedure for the colony selecting a new nest.

An artist from US creates and sells intricate casts of ant colonies by filling the subterranean mini caverns with molten aluminum. The mould has earned about 88million views since being uploaded on YouTube .The Artist revealed that the work is done after wiping out all of the insects inside and made by the liquid filling the tunnels and chambers of the respective ant nest, then digged, brushed down and mounted on a wooden base. This Renowned entomologist Walter R. Tschinkel is leading in the study on the nest architecture of ants using aluminum, in addition to dental plaster and wax, as casting materials.


Further the Ant Colony Optimization which ants naturally do can be used for finding solution for Travelling Salesman Problem; Drilling holes flat machine’s electrical circuits; Starlight interferometer satellite positioning; Applications in crystallography; Chain diagram optimization; Components layout computer motherboard;  Industrial robotic control.

Ants have already survived a mass extinction event twice and are still one among the remarkable species on earth!



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