This week was indeed a vigorous week for Ré as we members were actively involved in organizing our 2nd event “Résolve”. Résolve which was organized on 21st September, 2016 was a problem solving event in which the students explored a newspaper and prioritized the news. Students were judged based on their prioritizing capability and their solutions’ effectiveness to the problems.

 “Problem solving is hunting. It is savage pleasure and we are born to it”

                                                            –Thomas Harris.

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Totally 13 teams, each with 2 or 3 per team energetically participated in the event. Participants were given newspapers as per their slot number. They were asked to choose 5 important news and were asked to postulate solutions. Their prioritizing ability was judged.


Problems are at the center of what many people face in their day to day life. Ré provides a platform for students of  KCT to analyze different problems and provide solutions to them in their perspective. These tasks make them deal with their life problems with ease.


Being a confident problem solver is really a significant criterion to one’s success. Having a good process to use when a problem approaches increases one’s level of confidence. With a good thinking and prioritizing ability, one can solve problems quickly and effectively. Without these characteristics, our solutions may be ineffective, or we’ll get stuck and do nothing, sometimes with painful consequences. Résolve aimed to expose the students to various problems, so that they can become a confident problem solver. And indeed it was a success!!!


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Albert Einstein.


Though it was an energetic week for our KCTians, it was a sad week for Indians as we lost 18 Brave Soldiers in The Uri Attacks.Heavily armed militants from Pakistan attacked a strategic military base in north Kashmir’s Uri on Sunday (18th September, 2016) morning and killed 18 soldiers.


It’s not just the 18 soldiers, but 18 families that have been affected.

We salute the brave martyrs. The nation will not forget your sacrifice!!


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