Do you ever think of getting water from thin air or dew drops and it’s a great architectural work that came into existence. It is an enormous solution for people where water paucity occurs. Drinking water is the major source for all humans but there comes a problem. The reason is, more than 1 billion people in Africa alone have the problem of water scarcity and the water project is going on everywhere where everyone is giving a thought about recycling water. None have thought about the fresh water until now, and here is a great project that collects fresh water.


A brilliant design designed by Arturo Vittori and with his invention he can provide remote villages with more than 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day. It is an inexpensive, easily assembled structure that extracts gallons of fresh water. Mass production of Warka is targeted for 2019.

He was inspired by the Warka tree, a giant, gravity defying domed tree which is a native to Ethiopia.



It relies on the basic elements like shape and material and the way they work together. It is 30-foot tall, vase-shaped tower, and it looks like a showy art installation. Every curve placed has unique materials and also has its functional purpose. Each tower is comprised of lightweight and elastic juncus stalks, woven in a pattern that offers stability towards strong force of wind gusts. The mesh net is made of nylon and polypropylene, a bamboo frame and a large Chinese lantern hangs inside-collecting droplets of dew.



It is a condensation, gravity and evaporation based invention and does not require any electricity. When the cold air condenses the water droplets roll down and collect at the bottom of the tower. The collected water is used for drinking as the air conditions are not polluted. The water produced depends on seasons, climatic changes such as temperature, wind and humidity. These structures are made from biodegradable materials which are easy to clean and maintain as well.


  1. LED light can be equipped inside the tower so it can provide security and light at night.
  2. Water tank storage: 800 gallons.
  3. Easily transported.

Warka water can be used for irrigation, reforestation and ecosystem regeneration.


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