We are very cheerful to announce that the events for this month have been finalized.

  1. Rédefine– Toshiba event will be organized on Engineer’s day.
  2. Réveal-Here comes an interesting event called FB Treasure hunt, and this is organized during last week of this month.
  3. Résolve- It is a very exciting event for the 1st years – problem solving event. There will be 2 rounds and the problems chosen are from newspapers. It is organized on 21st
  4. Réplay- It’s easy to guess that there will be a movie screened on 1st October and it is for all the participants of the above three events.





Fear cuts deeper than swords. It’s really revelation to say that the exploration circle for Games of thrones have been started by our RéMoT lead Sangeeth from the final year Mechanical department. He was very curious about the series and found many mysteries behind this and few points are discussed about the tasks given.

  1. Character complexity
  3. Future prediction
  4. Dothraki language
  5. Music, location, costumes etc

These are the tasks allotted for the members participating in this. And they also said that that they are going to learn the Dothraki language within few months.


Have fun and be active. Ride a bike instead of driving. This is started by Nishanth and Bhuvanesh of 3 rd year. Here are a few interesting points that have been discussed during the meet. And it is completely about the ones who are passionate towards bike riding.

  1. Different types of bikes which are available.
  2. Basically how to select a bike of your need?
  3. Rules to be followed.
  4. Safety measures.
  5. How to prepare yourself for a bike ride?
  6. Different places to visit.
  7. Checklist to be taken care off before a ride.
  8. Previous experiences.
  9. How to go on a ride with a cause?
  10. The best and the worst roads in and around locality.



We have planned to conduct a review for the students who had corrections (both minor and major) and the second review will get started soon by the end of this month whose call will be intimated soon by our RéMoT.



is the arena for one to realize their dreams and to turn ideas into reality. Here is a great opportunity for everyone to be a part of and to express their diverse talents.

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Stockholm studio Humans since 1982 has combined 288 analogue clocks to create an installation of shifting monochrome patters, lettering and numbers.

This clock is also called as “Million Times”, the piece by humans for Victor Hunt Designart Dealer features 576 motors to drive each minute and hour hand independently.

Here in this digital clock patterns that are created by the rotating black hands against the white clock faces which are controlled via customized software on an iPad.

This is one of the main project from the designers since 2009, which used 24 analogues clock to spell out the time like a digital display.

The natural character inherent to an analogue clock with its no arms constantly dancing in a slow motion around the center unveils hidden figurative quantities without denying its primary purpose.



Designer and producer: humans since 1982

Engineering: David Cox

Editor: Victor Hunt Designart Dealer

Dimensions of installation: 344cm ×180cm ×5cm

Number of single clocks: 288

Number of installed motors: 576

Material: aluminium and electronic components

Electricity: standard 100-240V, 50-60Hz socket

Operation system: customized software to be controlled via iPad

Finish: powder coated white and black hands, screen printed dials


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