For most of us, movies play a part in learning about the world. How to handle some of the situations in life are expressed in the movies as they say wise men learn from other people’s mistakes. Movies show us what would happen if we follow different paths.  Inspiration, motivation is vital for doing what we do. A picture speaks a thousand words and being humans, we naturally have the best memory in vision. Just like how dogs have the best memory in smell. We may not remember facts or names or smell but we can remember what we see. The things that we cannot do in life can be experienced via a movie.

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Knowledge about several countries and their culture can be understood through cinema. Histories can be relived. The future can be envisioned. There is no limit to our imagination. Most people say books build our creativity but movies help portray creations which the mind only dreams.


We have all had our share of enjoyment while watching movies. It has made us think, dream, and be something or someone. It helps us feel inspired after a hectic week or after a failure. The desire to be a princess or a superhero emanates from films.

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Change is inevitable in this transient world. Nothing is permanent. as Shakespeare said,

“All the world’s a stage

  And all the men and women merely players;”

So we should play our part well. Make a mark in life, not only by understanding our life’s purpose but also fulfilling it. Accepting change is difficult but not impossible. It’s a part of nature, of how the world works. Everything we do will have its repercussions. ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ is one of my favourite laws. It not only applies to the rules of science but to the very essence of life.

Every second of our life is precious and we should make the most of it. Worrying about what other people are going to say is pointless. What other people think is none of our business. Being angry with life harms no one but us. Feeling thankful for everything that we have and realizing how lucky we are is necessary. There is no point in thinking too much and doing nothing. It is never too late to change. Live in the present and work for a better future. Just like how our favourite movies are shot let’s say “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION “to our own lives from now on and be our favourite selves without causing harm to another man’s life.



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