Since the time of creation of the universe the biggest mystery and challenge that mankind encountered is that the creation of the universe and life on our planet “THE EARTH”. Researches have been done for decades and decades but still the clear cut idea of creation is still a dilemma. Some say that the first formed living thing was bacteria which was formed approximately 1.3 billion years ago. Then with evolution as a main tool the single cellular organisms started to evolve and as a result the first modern human being came into existence called “HOMO HABILIS” approximately around 2.2 to 1.5 million years ago. Am I the only one who is fascinated now? But there is something that most of us have never dreamt of. Let me provide you with some facts which will amaze you guys and prove my point statistically that all the living beings were engineered to height of perfection.



Phi, a simple relation, is also known as the “golden mean ratio”. If we have a long iron bar and if we are going to mark the phi ratio in it, then we will have to divide that bar into two equal halves. Let us consider the two equal parts as “A” and “B” respectively. So in accordance to simple mathematical equation “A+B=C” and hence we obtain the whole length of the bar. Since we have already marked the golden mean ratio in the iron bar, this clearly represents that “A*φ(1.618..)=B”. Similarly if we take “C” and multiply it with “φ” it will create the exact same image but only bigger in length and hence the whole length will be denoted as “E” and this ratio will span on forever as smaller and smaller or bigger and bigger forever because this ratio is infinite since it has no beginning or end. The following image will give u a clear cut idea of what I am saying now.

It is also believed that “φ” is the mathematical root of all other sequences. Every mathematical sequence in existence needs minimum of three numbers to figure out the sequence whereas phi only needs two. It is the only one.


Capture3     Capture4

The occurrence of this “phi” ratio is an important thing that everyone should know as it is found in every living being. Phi ratio and Fibonacci are both present but phi ratio plays a major part of it. Look at your hand, your palm represents the “phi” ratio. This sounds crazy right? But things which you are about to read is going to make you wonder about so many things. Look at your hand, not only each finger has its own ratio moving up each finger which moves past each nodes of the bone but it also oscillates back and forth from the tallest finger to the thumb. Do you wonder why the human hand is like that? It’s based on “Phi”.

Thus not only this relation is found in the human hand but our whole body.This golden ratio is found in various ways moving up the arms and legs, in our face and the entire body.This is completely insane right? But as we know, nothing is proved completely wrong until something is proved wrong. Let me give you an example, there is a Greek statue called “DORYPHOROS-THE SPEAR BEARER” which precisely represents this phi ratio. This golden mean ratio is not only found in human beings but also in each and every species of all animals and insects. If you take a butterfly and check the phi ratio in it, you will be amazed to see that its wings size, body and antenna were designed exactly using the phi ratio. It does not apply only to this, but regardless of which family – mammal, insect, avian or plant, this ratio is consistent. Isn’t this something to be thought of?



Not only the living beings, even the ancient structures were built using the phi ratio with greater accuracy than the modern structures which are currently being built. These ancient structures showed greater aesthetic look and mostly were enormous in size. Every such structure showed uniqueness from each other and were built which made the people of that era to feel superior from every other country as each country had a special structure built. Likewise there are two ancient structures which even makes the present scientists to think how they were even possible for humans to build.


The above structure that you see are the “Parthenon” and “The pyramid”.These structures are one among the Seven Wonders of the World. They were chosen just because they looked enormous and also helped in understanding the civilization which we can never even dream of. But these aren’t just structures, they serve as a tool for humans to understand that we humans are not alone in this universe. If we take a look at the pyramid by dividing the adjacent side and the hypotenuse which represents the width and height of the pyramid, it leads us to an amazement that the obtained value is exactly the golden mean ratio “phi”. We even have heard the stories about alien inscription on the walls of pyramid which have been proven by archeologists with evidence. Is it even humanly possible to construct such structures with such accuracy? Some say that it’s an alien structure since many compounds which have been used in building this pyramids actually never existed on Earth.


To have being introduced to this kind of knowledge all that I’ve studied and heard is now put into question. It clearly shows that what we are learning about ourselves is very little and there is a long way to go before completely understanding our creation. There should be a lot of interest towards our history which will offer a lot of niceties about our existence. This article is not just to show the facts but I recommend the readers to try and analyze the importance of history. So after all that we have read here we know that all living beings and many more were engineered by someone – some call them “god” and some call them “aliens”, for now we have no clue who our engineer was, and our journey continues…



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  1. I have also read about this. Aston Martin cars are made by this concept. And I have also read that Leonardo Da Vinci has mentioned about the concept of Phi

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