Ré in iQube

iQube is known for the development of technologies and applications. From the discussion in the event held on the 19th of July, 2016, we got to know about many new things ranging from Pokémon Go to automated houses. “Ré in iQube” was an event to showcase and bring together with iQube. The team from iQube presented to us about the current trending technologies. To start off with, gaming is apex than Hollywood movie and music; it earns revenue of about ninety one billion USD. Gaming evolution has a drastic change ever since it was created; there has been a great visual improvement now.


We were explained about the creation of Pokémon Go which is the hottest game that’s been played. Some of us might think it became famous overnight….. But it is not so, it took around twenty years for its development. There are ten levels like Meridian, Key hole, Google earth, Ingress, Polestops and so on for its success. It is proved that gamers have better thinking capability than normal people and I guess it ought to be true.


Did you ever know about bitcoins? It is a decentralized digital currency and is done online. It does not involve bank or governed by anyone but maintains its own ledger. Computer power is given to people who verify transactions that are done online. Transactions can be done to people of different countries. At present Bitcoin is the best performing currency!!!

Recently robots were developed for agriculture to plant seeds in a pattern, check soil moisture content, water the plants so that water is not wasted, etc. They are called the ‘machine vision’ as it trains robots to do things.


3D printing is now used to create models. It is the present development in rapid prototyping. All we have to do is insert a picture that we want as the model and we get it done in a few minutes.

Having talked about robots and 3D printers, we jumped into an automated house. Imagine how it would be to live in a house which is fully digitized and works on internet……Sounds great right…? Now with the recent innovations, it is possible to live in an internet atmosphere which governs our day to day life and makes it easier.

After reading through all this, many thoughts and ideas would trigger our mind. So let’s not stop here and start doing something innovative that our future generations would remember.


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