The Irony of Virtual Reality

We all live in a world where the concept of “until tomorrow, sustainability and longevity” no longer exists. We are constantly in demand of making things happen right away and bring our willful impulses to life. Patience and delayed gratification have become long-forgotten anachronisms. We look for people who simply mirror and second our ideas and for relationships that does not need much investment.

But sadly, we fail to realize that it is we who have become victims to those impulses!

How does this affect our reality? What kind of an impact has this made in our lives? How huge is the price we pay?

For instance, let us consider relationships in order to understand how this works in a better way:

A relationship or simply a meeting relies on numerous factors in order to create the intended impact. In a meeting, sensory factors like kinesthetic energy, auditory energy, olfactory energy, etc.., play a vital role. For example, we tend to absorb and sense the very presence of that person by the energy they emit when around us. That energy is passed on to us and our aura gets signaled according to theirs. Kinesthetic (sense of touch) too aids in creating the intended impact. It activates the very nerve inside us and makes us thoroughly conscious of the person/happening. Most importantly, the body language of the person conveying the message plays a vital role in embedding the exact interpretation of the message being conveyed. And surprisingly only a minor portion of the credit goes to the selection and usage of words!

So all these things put in the right proportion, gives an overall experience about that person/happening, which then goes to the brain and gets stored as a memory. Consequently, a new neural path is created in the interior most memory site exclusively for that person by the brain. And the new experiences in the forth coming meetings turn out to be just the updates that we give to the already outlined structure.

On the contrary what happens when we happen to encounter with that person/happening virtually? How does this virtual reality get registered in the brain? What are the emotions involved in this virtual encounter?


To understand this, we must first get one thing clear in our heads:
The virtual experience
of a similar happening does not always create the exact impact. Virtual experience of emotions like anger, love, happiness, jealousy, etc.., is completely impaired. There are neither sensory perceptions nor energy exchange involved. Even the voice of the person conveying the message becomes animated. The sense of adhesion seems to lack in the virtual reality.


The tricky portion awaits us!

Even though we are conscious that the happening is not the reality, our brain does not perceive it to be so. Unfortunately, it fails to discern between reality and imagination. Consequently, it registers the virtual experience as a reality and creates the same kind of a neural path for it. Hence an experience that was supposed to be stored as an imagination has been registered as reality by default!

Now in retrospect to the above fed information, let us look into the two kinds of aftermaths that are highly possible:

  • The fate of relationships, relationships that rely on the virtual media to stay connected.
  • Romantic relationships that brew on this virtual reality (imagination) would suffer when the card of commitment is flipped.

The person’s brain would have created an exclusive neural memory of his/her partner based on the instances encountered virtually. Now when in reality, even the smallest of the small change in the perceived image of the partner would disturb the neural memory significantly, that at one point the real image and the message of the partner becomes unrecognizable. So the brain is forced to create another neural path for the same person. Henceforth, the minute changes in the perceived image get registered in the newfound memory path. This in turn leads to conflicts, as the brain would yearn for the virtual reality type experience formed with utmost optimism, but would be forced to accept the harsh reality.


The good news though is……it can also be the other way around!

So, my point is that we people have become self obsessed and overly demanding that we have comfortably forgotten to discern things. We simply wish to make things happen somehow but have failed to identify the right way of making it happen. We happily cruise in the virtual reality that was simply meant to be our aid.

All these technological provisions that aid our urge for instant gratification have made us cowards – afraid to discern, decide and invest. The adrenaline rush that makes us pronounce instant judgment keeps us away from thinking about things that hold the potential to last a lifetime.

The only thing that could save us from losing ourselves in this mad and jiffy pursuit is the learning to be completely aware of the things happening to us and around us.

So, I invite you to learn to take up one thing at a time and invest in long term goals and relationships!


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