August 2nd Week News


This week is actually a post-review week. The works to be done after having reviews for 39 proposals has been prioritized. First of all, a session was held to decide when to have the review for the remaining proposals. It was planned in such a way to have a particular day namely a review day, when all the other proposals would be reviewed. Then, the feedback given by the panel members have been sent to each team respectively. They were informed that their proposal is under progress.

Funding template for the proposals has been created and proof-read. As soon as it was completed, the template was sent through mail to the 39 teams who had their reviews done. They were asked to fill it and send within a week’s time. After receiving the updated funding details, the process for fund allocation would begin.



Next, a new leap for Ré, an idea for an Exploration circle has been generated. Exploration circle is just a group of people (5-8 members per team) with interests and thought process related to any particular theme/ subject in the world which they want to explore a bit more. Ré would provide them a with work-space to have their discussions, help them explore and would track their process and progress. So far, two teams have been considered for exploration circle. One is on Machine learning and the other is on Time travel.

We had an entire Ré meet on Wednesday, where the people of Ré had discussions on Exploration circle. We had a brainstorming session so as to come up with different perspectives over this new evolution. Then we discussed about tasks assigned to every individual and asked each person to complete them within the duration they mentioned earlier.

We even celebrated one month of Ré by means of sharing our memories to everyone through videos and photo collages.

one month

Then we took our time in classifying the proposals into three categories: Accepted without revision, accepted with minor revision and accepted with major revision. Their details are –

Accepted without revision – 6 proposals.

Accepted with minor revision – 29 proposals.

Accepted with major revision – 4 proposals.

Then, there is a grand news to all. The official logo of Ré has been finalized after approval. After such a long time of discussion, Ré is indeed happy to see its vibrant symbol of representation.

Expecting for great things to happen in the future!


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