Ré Week

in iQube

The past week had the Ré team on its toes, organizing back to back events and reviews. On Tuesday (19th July), the MBA seminar hall housed the nerds and the geeks for the event, in iQube” which had setup a platform wherein iQube introduced different technologies to the Ré team, thereby showcasing the research opportunities in the field of Electronics. The discussions varied from the high trending, Pokémon Go to the fast developing Home automation systems. Technologies capable of changing the economic system such as bitcoins was explained. The one hour event helped the collaboration of the circuit field with research.



Following this, an event called ‘Brainwriting’ was conducted for the first time in KCT on Thursday (21st, July) for Résolution students.  The event aims at finding solutions to real-life problems. Here, KCT was the big problem as in, how every person wants to see KCT, and what changes they feel must be made was the topic discussed .Various opinions and suggestions were proposed and debated to obtain plausible solutions. Through this, smart solutions can be identified for several problems. This event is planned to be conducted department wise so as to     address individual department issues.


The internal evaluation of the Project proposals has been completed and the reviews for the same will be held this week, from Monday (26th, July) – Thursday (29th, July) for all the departments. The results from the review will decide the accepted projects and the subsequent commencement of the projects will be initiated. Ré will keep encouraging students and this is one such start! We expect the co-operation in the forthcoming endeavors too…

LG Foldable Display


Long have we lived with the promise of truly flexible displays, and long have the nuances of material design kept it from becoming reality. LG introduced the first large-size mass-producible flexible OLED display. The 18-inch high-resolution screen can roll into a one-inch-wide tube. The company expects to develop an ultra-HD flexible monitor that’s greater than 60 inches by 2017.

Cockroaches- Energy Providers


A team of international scientists have located a protein crystal present in the midgutt of cockroaches. This could be humankind’s solution to feed millions of hunger-stricken people around the world.  A single protein crystal of this milk carries an amount of energy that’s three times that of buffalo milk. Experiments are under way trying to produce the crystal in much larger quantities using yeast.

Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go isn’t working for parts of India. Players claim Pokémon locations, Gyms, and Poke Stops are missing. KCT Pokémon trainers who stayed years in rooms all day long , roamed around due to the addicted game , found that the Pokémon location , poke stops and gyms gone missing , again got stuck in their rooms.

From Moon to Mars


On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 landed the first humans, on the moon giving mankind a hope which turns out now to an age of reusable rockets, hoping for manned missions to Mars.










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