Ré in iQube:

Having talked about cars, go-karts, engines, speed, torque, so on and so forth, in ‘Garage Talks With Ré’ we now venture into ‘Ré in iQube’ where you will next listen to apps, games, tech, coding, etc. The ‘Garage Talks with Ré’ event was a huge success wherein students did obtain ideas to put to task. Now, we welcome students those who are interested in techno work. Want to work in projects related to apps or gaming or anything of that sort? Don’t have an idea? But willing to work? Come be a part of ‘Ré in iQube’ that is going to be held tomorrow! Grab this opportunity!


“Join us

              Learn the tech

                          Create your Future”

Bring alive these words by being a part of this event! It’s not just for those who are aces in this field, but also for all the amateurs out there!


Some Facts about Alzheimer’s Disease:

  • In the US alone, more than 5 million people are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease. Of Americans aged 65 years and older, one out of every 9 people has Alzheimer’s.
  • There are no drug treatments that can cure Alzheimer’s disease. Medicines have been developed for Alzheimer’s disease that can temporarily alleviate symptoms, or slow down their progression, in some people which can also be done using artificial intelligence.
  • In America, a new case of Alzheimer’s develops every 68 seconds; by 2050, the incidence will increase to every 33 seconds.
  • Alzheimer’s disease is one of the costliest chronic diseases to society. The growing Alzheimer’s crisis is helping to bankrupt Medicare.
  • To those reading this news, here it goes another project which you can take up! Keep following our newsletters and we will keep encouraging you.


Student and Faculty Team- Ré

IMG-20160714-WA0001    IMG-20160714-WA0000   IMG-20160714-WA0002

IMG_1459432909621    IMG-20160714-WA0006    PicsArt_07-14-07.44.26    IMG-20160717-WA0000

Being the largest group, the Student and Faculty team lead by Rudolf Virjo of 4th year, Mechanical Department is a 6 member crew. Venkateshwar and Kaviya, of the Textile and IT department respectively are final year students assisting the team.

Including them are Aashikha, Dhanabala Subhiksha, Yeshwanthini from the Biotechnology department along with Bavithra from the ECE department who are third year students in the clan. The student and faculty team forms a connect between the students and the faculties assisting Ré in encouraging students to take up research and do projects with Ré. Obtaining

proposals, counseling students, uploading abstracts and updating the database are some of the works of this team. If any queries or suggestions, the students can feel free to contact this team and they definitely make sure to take a step towards resolving the issues.


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One of the most recent inventions, the self filling water bottle which converts humid air into drinkable water, the most recent patents that is wherein Apple patents Tech that could stop you from using a camera phone at concerts, the most trending game created currently, the Pokemon Go and so on and so forth… will yours be the next in the list? If yes, do contact us and we are sure to help you!


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