Garage Talks with Ré

The venue, Garage, filled with greasy air and aspiring minds was a good evening place for friends to meet up for a discussion. On 5th July, 2016, the students of KCT revealed their interest in exploring the various sectors of racing engineering. It was all packed collegiate racing team showcasing their legacy to the aspiring students. The racing spirit is the one which thrills the students to get moving along the path despite the difficulties faced in building ‘our own racing cars’. KCT has been a platform for racing teams who compete in the events like Baja, Supra and Go kart.

Every type of racing has its own uniqueness. The cluster of all these teams which participate in these events have their common playing ground for building these racing beasts that can be proudly called as Garage.

The initiative behind Garage talks with Ré was to make the students from every department discover and explore their links in these racing cultures beyond the boundaries of departments and curriculum. This understanding may lead them one step closer towards becoming a better engineer. ‘Think out of the box’ might be a cliché, but knowing what it really means is a research.


The racing teams of KCT possibly exposed the students to the world of racing and the engineering behind it within the given time limit. Time, which has been a major boundary since the creation of the universe, has the most important role to play in this sort of engineering. Staying on the right track with momentum all geared up throughout the race is the goal of every team. It was shocking to hear that only few college racing teams bring their cars in one piece till the finish line.

Each team expressed the areas which needed research. Some are

  • Material selection
  • Body panel fabrication
  • Wheel auto adjustment
  • Engine mounting
  • ECU of engine

You can also find your links with the racing teams, while reading through these areas.

The students who participated might have found it interesting while pacing towards various sectors of engineering. Abisheik from the team “Blitzkrieg” spoke about the various types of wheel alignment from which he told the problem of wheels getting misaligned as they drive in the racing tracks. He added on about how textile technology and fashion technology students also had a chance to do work on the body panels and the seats of the racing car. He was passionate about the lap timings. He proposed that if we had a weighing machine for cars in college, it would be much better. Imran from the Zeal team spoke about the materials used for the chassis, which needed research for lightweight and strength. He also added about transmission shaft and power transmission. Suderson from the Zeal team pressed his need for g-force calculation on various checkpoints on the track would lead the team towards better positions. Knowing this could tell us about how to maintain the perfect speed throughout the track without losing momentum and the need for extra acceleration and deceleration.


Amarnath, an alumnus of the automobile department and also the previous captain of the Supra team spoke about the engines – the heart of the car. The need for understanding its potential and to position it wisely is of utmost importance. He spoke about how the team struggles without students from the electronics sector who also have a role to play. He roughly told us that having three such students in each racing team itself could upgrade the vehicles. The importance of engine alignment for lubrication process was also elucidated by him.


The students were driven by the teams and they participated fairly enough during the discussion. The students got brushed up with the basics of racing and its pros and cons. The discussion gained momentum when students gave alternative solutions for go green vehicles, which was awesome. It was an amazing gathering of engineering talent in shaping a better automotive sector.


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