Finally and officially has been established in KCT with full power and enthusiasm. The inaugural function of Ré was held on the 1st of July, 2016 at 9:00 am in the auditorium. Unlike every other KCTian, this day will be one important day in the mind of each and every Ré member. This day marks the beginning of a new culture in KCT- Résearch culture.


Building up Ré- brick by brick, taking care not to let it fall, each and every member of Ré looked forward to this day, to see the building get its place! Hope all the students make good use of this opportunity right in front of them.




Ré also hopes that this platform for research and exploration will definitely be one for students to expand and explore ideas and soon Ré will be a zoo filled with a variety of ideas, pomp and excitement.


The inauguration was attended by our Joint Correspondent, Mr. Shankar Vanavarayar, our Principal, Dr.R.S.Kumar, the HODs and various faculties. The Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Awardees were a part of the inauguration representing the student body of our college.







Receiving the blessings of the almighty with a prayer song by Aarthi from 3rd year EEE department, the inauguration kick started with high spirits and hopes. The MCs for the day were Raveena and Bhuvanesh from the ECE and Textile departments respectively, both belonging to the 3rd year as well. Aashikha from 3rd year, Biotechnology presented the welcome address greeting the guests and students gathered for the inauguration.



A short speech highlighting the importance of developing a research culture in KCT and the need and requisite for every student to practise research was given by our principle, Dr.R.S.Kumar.




MAKTo enlighten students about the working in “Ré” and its framework and the different teams associated with its working was presented by Mr. Arun Kumar Manoharan. His presentation also reminded us about the plight of the Indians in various parts of the country and how it can be improved by each and every one of us.


Our Joint Correspondent, Mr. Shankar Vanavarayar encouraged students to take up research through his enlightening words. Referring to KCT’s history involving projects and contests, he instigated the spark in each and every one of us to create history. He is, sure, a source of encouragement for all of us.



Rudolf Virjo of the final year, mechanical department, expressed his gratitude to everyone who made the inauguration a success with his vote of thanks. A number of people were responsible for this huge success.


There is always room for improvement and so we turned to our audience for their views and suggestions on how to improvise ourselves as well as Ré for a better platform for research and exploration. There was an interactive session between JC and all the students who had gathered for the inauguration. Various clarifications regarding Ré and the college itself were directly posed by the students to our JC. A number of valuable suggestions were also put forth which Ré will definitely take in and resolve the problems.

With the same zest and enthusiasm, we are looking forward to support the students, build their ideas and to see our zoo filled with students with wild and great ideas.


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