July 2nd Week News

KCT’s Platform for Research and Exploration

Another week gone and we are ready and on the move…

Garage Talks with Ré:



A talk featuring the interaction between Ré and Garage where the problems faced in Garage were discussed and solutions are being discussed. Soon there will be students working together on these problems to bring out marvelous results. Interested?

The venue, Garage, filled with greasy air and aspiring minds was a good evening place for the organized discussion on the problems faced in garage. Initially, a brief and basic talk was given to the students on racing, car parts and their function etc as it was an inter-disciplinary meet. Various teams of Garage communicated their problems in building their prototype, with which they attended inter-college national level competitions.  Also the pros and cons of the current alternatives used by the students in Garage were talked.

The students who participated might have found it interesting while pacing towards various sectors of engineering. Abisheik from blitzkrieg team spoke about the various types of wheel alignment from which he addressed the problems encountered like the misalignment of wheels while racing. Other problems encountered like the misalignment of wheels while racing. Other problems expressed were, transmission shaft, body design, power transmission, catalytic convertor, g-force calculation etc.

Amarnath, an alumni, from automobile department and the previous captain of supra team spoke about the engines – the heart of the car. He spoke on the need for understanding the engine’s potential and positioning, the role of electronics in automobile, importance of engine alignment for lubrication process, vibration damping for the life of the engine. With the discussion over, young minds are left with their thinking lamps on to bring out extraordinary solutions for these problem.

Know your Facts:

  • Did you know that the first robot, a steam-powered bird, was built around 400BC by the ancient Greeks?
  • A robot unfolds from an ingestible capsule to remove a button battery in a stomach and patch internal wounds.
  • Delivering your laundry or lunch can be made easy by “Carry the Robot” which moves with the pace of a human and has the capacity to carry 100 pounds. It uses 4G technology.
  • The CAIPORA is a robot platform that is designed to detect, handle and deactivate possibly dangerous weapons. The platform can be paired with other parts such as scouting and observing robots, a firefighting module and robotic arms, to perform many functions.


1st Review:



One after the other proposals were reviewed, suggestions were given, and discussions were made in regard to how these projects could create an impact.

Having got project proposals from enthusiastic students, the first review was conducted for students from the IT and Computer Science departments of KCT on the 12th of July, 2016. There were 8 reviews that took place from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm. It took place in 2 sessions: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. There was a post discussion between Ré and the panel members regarding the process. The first review got over successfully and soon we will be conducting the reviews for other departments as well. In about 2 months’ time, there will be the next call for papers.

Funding Team:

saaie.jpg       IMG_20160704_192146.jpg     D68D37B0-CEA9-48B4-A980-6DF40F876ED4 (2).png

Here’s an introduction of our funding team led by Saainath, a final year Mechanical Engineering student. He is assisted by Kousalya and Vamika doing their 3rd year Biotechnology. They handle and monitor the flow of the funds sanctioned by the college and distribute it to all the students carrying out their projects at Ré.


Fed up with the little annoying things around you like sudden power cuts, delayed passing on of information etc? Have a solution to them? Wish to be a change? Start thinking or express your idea to initiate the change, be the change and cause the change. Wear your thinking hats and convey your solutions to us and join the Résolution clan.


Being a part of Résolution will help you in the following ways:

  1. You will be personally invited for all events and fun activities hosted by Ré.
  2. You will be in direct contact with the Ré team.
  3. Your idea if feasible and very good can become practically possible and implemented in reality.


Reach out to Us:

Ré Blog:


FB Page:






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