Brains’ Visions into Digital Video

Just imagine you are dancing with your crush on a beautiful island and flowers are falling from the sky. Everything is in a slow motion. It is absolute paradise, then all of a sudden, you wake up to realize that you are never going to experience that again because it was only a dream. Can they be relived?

Well yes they can, if you ever had a dream that would make a great movie, now you can do it by using the technology made by scientists at UC Berkeley. They developed a system to capture the visual activity in human brains by recording the brain’s blood flow and reconstruct it as digital video clips. In due course, by using this technology you will be able to record and reconstruct your own dreams on a computer screen. Sounds great right……..?

So this is how it works:

For this experiment three different subjects are used. They were part of the research team because it will require being inside a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) system for long time. The subjects were exposed to Hollywood movie trailers of two different groups, and then the fMRI system recorded the brain’s blood flow through their brain’s visual cortex.

The readings from the brain were initially fed into a computer program in which they were divided into three-dimensional cubes known as voxels or volumetric pixels. The brain signals generated by connecting the shape, moving pictures and motion information from the movies are decoded. After which the computer recognized more about how the visual activity presented on the screen corresponded to the brains activity.

After recording that information, another set of clips was used to reconstruct the videos shown to them. The computer then analyzed 18 million seconds of random YouTube video, by building a database of potential brain activity for each clip. Then final movie was created by combining clips similar to the brain activity, but the resulting video was low resolution and kind of blurry though it clearly matched the actual clips watched by the subjects. The system would be able to re-create any images in your brain if we provide big database of video material and computing power!!!!


This remarkable new development brings us closer to that goal which, will happen at one point. The great increase in understanding of human biology and computing power, I think will arrive sooner than most people expect. This technology may become a challenge to the film industry which would need only imaginative people to make a movie. Possibly one day you would be able to go to sleep wearing a flexible band labeled Dreamcam around your skull or have a vivid movie that we can replay on exclusive pillows that capture our dreams and guess what it would be like!

The only hitch that I can see to this is people taking advantage of this technology. As far as this technology doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, this technology can make a great change. This is the first time in history that we have been able to create such a technology. The path this mind-blowing research opens boggles the mind.



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