The Ré Way!

News from the third week of June!

As Ré anticipates its D-day as the first week of July fast approaches, inauguration is the main mantra running through the minds of all members. But here is a chance to gain some perspective before being carried away in the river of duties and events. Why do we do what we do?

The importance of research and exploration has been undermined in our country’s pursuit of top grades in high school, and college. Today students are required to get inured to a prescribed syllabus and rarely think about venturing past their provided source of knowledge. But trouble starts when postgraduate courses demand presentation of research papers as a vital necessity. This has proven to yield shallow and poor results from students who’ve become habituated in only regurgitating known information throughout their educational period. If not in PG, then in companies that ask for new information from employees in an ever-competitive field, the new ‘edge’ any candidate can carry today is research under their belt.

This is why our students need to get involved in the field and experience of research. And the time is NOW. For those intimidated by the word research, have to understand that it doesn’t dictate the need for absolute professionalism in your first attempt. As everything, you learn as you try, and that is where Ré steps in. Facilitating your every need as you take each step towards conducting your research and correcting any mistakes till you achieve your final goal as you leave college is the ultimate aim for Ré. A food for thought for any aspiring student is to think about how many more opportunities they might have created for their future by taking up research, here at KCT. Research doesn’t seem so scary now, does it?


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